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Thread: Walk a mile in their shoes

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    Quote Originally Posted by loosers69OMG View Post
    Everyone is complaining that paypal is so horrible yet everyone sticks with paypal.

    Something that upsets me is all the complaints the poor CSR's are getting. These people are doing the best they can to their best ability. Ever think that maybe they did not receive the proper training or have access the proper information on order to do their job in a satisfactory manner to you.
    They get yelled at all day, often for mistakes made by paypal users themselves, so who can blame them if they are a bit snappy at times?
    Just show some respect people.
    Actually I've just found out that companies like E-bay and Paypal outsource Customer Service Representatives at least that is what I've heard and usually the people who are yelled at are innocent people from the Philippines and India and other telecommunications outsourcing agents.

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    I have looked from their perspective, and I do understand partially why it's so bad, but they need to improve somehow.


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