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    A while back Paypal billed my credit card more than ten times the accual charges for a purchase. Getting a hold of someone to fix the problem took many many trys. Was passed from person to person again and again. Lots of hang ups, holds and double talk. Took contacting my credit card to have the charges disputed to get satisfaction. I am very dissatisfied with the way I was treated. Paypal's service doesn't deserve even 1 star!!

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    I wonder if the crappy customer service might be on the radar for the new guy coming in to run PayPal. I wonder if he should be sent a link to this site to get some honest feedback on what people think of the company he is taking charge of. I wonder if we could let him know just how crappy his customer service truly is.


    I wonder if he would listen. I wonder if he cares that the customer service doesn't deserve a single star.

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    Paypal worked for me until I had a problem and then the shit his the fan trying to get help from the incompetent and rude staff they have on hand.
    Since my first problem there has been many more and paypal just stands by and watch buyers rip me off. So over this.

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    paypal always works until there a problem after that it is bad all time. my english is not all good but when I talk to paypal i dont understand what they say. and they all the time put me onhold for so long.

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    The hold time sucks.

    The rude remarks suck.

    The lack of anyone taking responsibility for anything sucks.

    The never ending timeline for funds to be released sucks.

    I sometimes wonder if they puposely treat their customers like crap in hopes they will frustrate us enough to give up on trying to get our cash back!


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