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Thread: I want to sue Paypal

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYcashcow View Post
    Has anyone filed a lawsuit against PayPal?
    I sold something to a fraudulent buyer, so I lost my item and money.
    I sued PayPal in small claims, and this lawyer emailed me saying that if I pursue, I will be entitled to their legal cost as well.
    Can anyone help?
    I am just tired of being screwed over by paypal and the criminals they support

    I am interesting in knowing if they can honestly FORCE you to change your auctions terms. I'd like to sue over that. With as much money as I just lost, even if it costed me more money, I'd love to sue them or give it a good try just to put them out or force them to implement a change to their policies. The screwing of sellers has to stop. If they could implement or tweak their policies, they would still make billions and at least "appear" to be balanced. Their new policies are less than desirable and absolutely quesitonable. Something is fishy about them!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paypal_rots View Post
    There is no seller protection as of today they told me its obselete. They will side with the buyer. They do not care if you provide photos of items time-stamped from digital cameras, tracking #'s, etc. None of this matters. Today they proved they will ALWAYS side with the buyer with little to no questions asked. they asked my buyer ZERO. She selected one box "not as described" and that was it. She's been silent. She got everything she asked them for. I'm sorry this is ODD. Their idea is to keep people buying. Us sellers who are paying for these losers to bid on our items are being mistreated. We take a hit on seller fees, listing fees, the initial shipping, etc...for the money to be given back to the buyer. SHAMEFUL COMPANY.
    Paypal IS a shameful company! So many people would love to sue them and I am sure there are many little legal battles going on daily just because they do so many people wrong on a daily basis. Paypal offers no protection to buyers or sellers everyone somehow gets skrewed by paypal and paypal is the one rolling in the dough our dough! Somehow Paypal needs to be held accountable!

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    Default going after paypal

    Quote Originally Posted by Yesenian View Post
    I am no legal expert but should you not be suing the buyer instead of paypal? The buyer is the one with your money and your item. Yes, paypal helped him get there but paypal has nothing of yours.

    As far as some lawyer e-mailing you that you will be responsible for paypals legal fees it sounds like scared tactics to me.
    In my opinion, they pull so much crap that everyone wants to sue them, just prepare for them to give you those alleged IRS or bank problems that people speak of...conspiracy theory or not..just think about it. Best of luck to everyone who can or will sue or get an outcome they are satisfied with. I understand your frustrations and concerns. I feel sad for all of you. I just read so many horror stories about how even though Paypal is not federal fdic, they can still cause you so many problems its unreal. In my opinion is looks a lot like extortion and bullying. Just figured it was worth mentioning...if you think you can sue them, get a good team behind you and have all your ducks in a row..then still it seems like you have to expect some problems. Terrible it has to be like that!

    ps - paypal never claims to have the "funds" - even when they take the funds away from the seller or freeze them, they are quick to say "we dont actually have the funds that are held" well who the heck does? its not like the funds immediately go back to the buyers account. the money reads as "held". paypal would have to be the holder. they have to be responsible for the funds and second, you know they are making interest off everything, held or not.

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    Default Paypal Here Screwed Me

    I have Paypal for years and I have taken CC for over 5 years without a problem. This May I took a CC for a days service which totaled *829 with material I payed for. Last month I get a -829 balance on my account and when I looked into it I found it was a charge back. To make a long story short all calls to paypal gives me no more info then is posted. On paypal here you need no name just acct # exp and cvv and that's it. But a name never got attached to it. Most disputes are because a customer forgot who they payed. Paypal can offer me no help on the name of the customer so I do not even know who to contact. Sure usually some emails or something would tell me who it is but a name would probably put this to bed because I take pictures everywhere I work so there would be no dispute after I contact the customer. Here is my contention. Paypal Here is their app. They are the financial institution who processed the CCard. I contend that no financial institution transaction is nameless. How could this be. Paypal told me I need to subpena the name from the credit card company. They are crazy. I want to sue and I will pay anyone that helps me recover money from them


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