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Thread: Selling my 9yrs old eBay account 960 positive 100% feedbacks

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    Default Selling my 9yrs old eBay account 960 positive 100% feedbacks

    Hi there,

    I am selling an Ebay account with high feedback rating 960 100% positive feedbacks. Used to be a gold powerseller but have since stop trading. The sales are from genuine high-end products like Apple laptops, branded DSLR camera, eletronics which have been posted and delivered to customers in the UK/USA, not ebooks or desktop wallpapers sold for 1p.

    Registered in US in year 2003 and my location in Singapore.

    Reasons for selling: I am closing the business I own to sell products
    on Ebay due to personal commitments.

    Why would you buy an Ebay account?
    1. it will give you a credible start on Ebay instead of having to build
    up a feedback rating over several months or years, you will have
    feedback instantly and can trade at a higher rate and at higher prices
    than someone with low feedback.

    2. You can instantly use this account to sell Buy It Now and open an
    Ebay Shop, which you would not be able to do with a new account.

    3. As a back up to an existing Ebay account or if your Ebay has been
    suspended by Ebay and you need to relist your products quickly. This
    happened to me and it cost me a month of lost earnings before the
    account suspension was uplifted.

    4. You can merge the feedback with your existing account to increase
    your feedback.

    I am not really interested in a discussion on the morals of going
    against Ebays rules and selling my account. Please email me at [email][/email] for further discussion.

    Note: I reserve the right to sell my account and to the highest offer.

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    Mailed you!

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    sent a pm. plz let me know if you didn't get it


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    haven't received it bro, send again please


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