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Thread: What should be my next move?

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    Default What should be my next move?

    Ok, suspended Indefinitely on Ebay due to my shipping times falling behind when a family emergency hit. Talked to the reps, sent in paperwork eventually worked my way back on Ebay but could never recover my Shipping DSRs which ultimately knocked me off Ebay for good.

    This was a HUGE blow to my family is Ebay was a good 70% of our Income.

    I still have my Paypal account but that has been limited a couple times but knock on wood its been ok as of late. I tried selling under a family members account but they caught on to that eventually and shut it down. I see from my website as well but traffic is miniscule as compared to Ebay. I setup a Merchant account as well In fear of Paypal ever pulling the rug from beneath me.

    I would LOVE to get back on Ebay but want to do so accordingly and hopefully without fail. Would it be best to register with a Stealth account using my Merchant account for checkout or also purchase a Paypal Stealth account? I don't like doing things In a dishonest manner but I have tried everything else I could think of and I really need to start making money again. Thank you for any help and or advice.

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    You use stealth account for to sell on ebay is not hard and as long you dont scam buyers as seller you should be good.

    ebay can be very unfare and dont take anything to consideration at all like your family emergency.

    Also get free ebook from this site for tips on getting back to ebay.

    Good luck.

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    i found the ebook helpful

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    You are not being dishonest you are doing what's needed in order for you to take care of your family.

    Getting a stealth account would probably be the best route for you to go. If you were to create your own new account you would just get shut down right away.

    Check out the market place section in this forum for accounts and advice.

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    Make sure you create a new profile on your windows based computer, then use ccleaner to clean all your cookies, then either get a vpn or pay for dialup service. Now create a new account or better yet buy a new stealth account. your source for ebay n paypal accounts


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