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Thread: scammed by reemon

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    Taker648 Guest

    Default scammed by reemon

    sorry for my bad English....

    I think in all probability i was scammed by reemon. He sold an UK Ebay Account in following thread:


    Because, Paypal don't working with my Visa Electron. I sent he a registered letter with cash. He promised me, he shall confirm as soon as it arrived.

    The letter reached him since Saturday, 28.01.12. His last log in was at Tuesday, 31.01.12, And he don't confirmed the arrival. I ask him also on Tuesday, no answer.
    I think he is a scammer. I wait for a few days and than i post his address here.

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    dude why you sending cash through the post to people?

    no matter how much you want somthing. NEVER send cash through the post.

    sorry to hear you got scammed though.

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    Taker648 Guest


    Ok his address:

    Lewis Brook
    5 Gordon Road
    East Sussex
    TN34 3JN


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