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Thread: PayPal hacked - Refused to Refund

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    Default PayPal hacked - Refused to Refund

    My PayPal account was hacked. $60 was transferred from my bank account, then converted to Euros and sent to a company called Mojang AB. I filed 2 disputes with PayPal and only received an automated reply saying that the investigation showed no unauthorized activity.

    I then tried to contact PayPal customer service on multiple occasions. They're automated response for this said that they would respond withing 24-72 hours, but I did not receive any response for over 2 weeks (after cancelling my account).

    I cancelled my account after no response. I finally received a response from customer service after writing two emails threatening a lawsuit. In their response the representative claimed that they had refunded the money to my account on Dec. 26th. The only problem with that was that I canceled my account after this date and it still had a ZERO balance, so they were full of it. This is by far the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I will never use PayPal again.

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    Send an email to [email][/email] explaining, with the original transaction number, that you are still owed money. as you have not been refunded despite being told by PayPal CS.

    Alternatively, create a PayPal account under the same email account. You should have your funds back and then you can withdraw then. Wait for the funds to clear in your bank account then shut it down again.

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    Default Paypal didn't transfer my money and showing completed

    Hi there,
    I am using paypal account from more than 1 year and make transaction 3-4 time. 1 of my payment status is showing that payment is completed on 6-1-2012 but fact is that no payment reach to my bank account and 1 another payment made on 8-1-2012 transferred to my bank account. When I complaint to paypal first time on 12-1--2012 regards this then paypal disconnect my bank account details and ask to connect another bank account then I connec my HDFC bank details. And again write to paypal then one of their executive Mr. Colleen replied that your payment will be transferred to your account by Tuesday Jan 17, 2012. I wait till Jan 18, 2012 and write again. Then they ask to fax both banks statement. I faxed last 1 month statements of both banks on 21-1-2012.

    In the last I replied as “We have completed our investigation of your case and, as there is insufficient evidence in support of your claim, we have refused your Unauthorised Account Use Claim.”

    I have received money before and after the particular transaction/payment. Now question is that why my account is unauthorized and what is insufficient evidence they are saying.

    As per my experience with paypal I think it is totally fraud and hassling to Indian peoples.

    I need help to recover my money from paypal. Please help me.

    Thanks and regards

    Naresh Sharma


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