My PayPal account was hacked. $60 was transferred from my bank account, then converted to Euros and sent to a company called Mojang AB. I filed 2 disputes with PayPal and only received an automated reply saying that the investigation showed no unauthorized activity.

I then tried to contact PayPal customer service on multiple occasions. They're automated response for this said that they would respond withing 24-72 hours, but I did not receive any response for over 2 weeks (after cancelling my account).

I cancelled my account after no response. I finally received a response from customer service after writing two emails threatening a lawsuit. In their response the representative claimed that they had refunded the money to my account on Dec. 26th. The only problem with that was that I canceled my account after this date and it still had a ZERO balance, so they were full of it. This is by far the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I will never use PayPal again.