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Thread: Pay Pal House Arrest

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    Default Pay Pal House Arrest

    Ok, now back the truck up! I bought my house in ’07, yea 5 years ago. Anyway, been using my Pay Pal acct fine on Ebay until last week. They froze my acct and the $400 in it and tell me I owe them $1,100. Once I pay them the $1,100 that I DON’T OWE they will take the hold off my account! What?!?! They had me confused and angry, you don’t take someone’s money and tell them you want more for no apparent reason! I had to get to the bottom and FINALLY reached someone that told me that it looks as though…..get this….

    The house I bought in ’07 evidently is the address of someone (probably the folks I bought it from) who has an outstanding balance owed to Pay Pal. I explained that the person they have on record at MY address is not ME and I am current and have always been with Pay Pal. Dug up my deed to SHOW PROOF that I did buy the house 5 years ago and they informed me that is not sufficient. HUH?!?

    What the hell more can I possibly do? This is an out flat fiasco! Pay Pal MUST be regulated!!!!!! They are too big and TRY to run like a bank yet believe they are above the banking rules and regulations….hence holding my money and many others for the ABSOLUTE WRONG reason.

    You better believe I have reached out…seems as though if we can get a petition with 1 million signatures to congress, they can address regulation. I will be working on this as well as working on getting my money!
    I guess when it comes to Pay Pal there really should be no SHOCK and AWE because they seem to do it all and then some!

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    Com' on Paypal. Really??? So now we have to screen who has lived on any address we are looking to move to to be sure that no paypal user have ever lived there? Paypal, you are not making it easy to use your services.

    Even a five year old could figure this out without too much explanation. Why can't paypal?

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    Oh wow, that story is just unbelievable! I mean really how can they possibly hold you and your funds hostage because you BOUGHT a home 5 years ago from someone who left Paypal holding the bag?! I just can't bother myself with getting upset with wondering why or how they do what they do because simply stated THEY DO and often just because they can...I am baffled and I empathize with you but come on you have a deed with your name on it at that address!

    Paypal is pure "poo"

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    I can sum this up in one sentence:

    Paypal Sucks Balls.

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    WOW! I've heard of them doing that more than once. They use any past history with accounts be it homes, email addresses, last names. It's insane

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    people it is time to get serious with our mission to bring down paypal. It is at this point an uphill, loosing battle with one million users signing up each month. we have unite and bring them down. Clearly the government is in on it. Paypal has indeed paid off the right people.

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    My sister got shutdown for the same reason sort of. She moved into an new apartment and all of her account got limited for being associated with another paypal account with an outstanding balance that was linked to her new address and no matter how much she pleaded with paypal they just shut her down

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    Oh my word!! Will these stories never end?! I had truly believed that perhaps my fiasco was just something that I sort of "happened upon" and that surely Paypal would remedy my situation before Christmas.

    Boy oh boy was I wrong. I've got a bit of a skeptical eye now with Paypal and how they do people. I hate to hear that another innocent person is shut down just for moving in to an apartment that was previously leased by another on Paypal's wanted list.


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    I hate paypal. There is nothing with paypal that makes sense. They just operate which ever way they feel like and screw millions of people over along the way and no regulations in this country seems to be able to stop them.

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    It's even more frustrating that when you call Paypal, even if your problem is beyond the scope of what the customer service rep can do, they don't transfer you to a manager or someone who might actually be able to help.
    I've spoken to reps who don't speak English well and kept reading me a scripted apology instead of actually helping.


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