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Thread: Google Checkout? Heck no!

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    Angry Google Checkout? Heck no!

    I am actively looking for an alternative to ebay/Paypal. Heard about and thought I'd give it a shot. They allow you to use Google Checkout as a payment method.

    "Cool" I thought.

    Until I searched around online and discovered that:

    1. Google Checkout does NOT provide telephone support for their payment system. Zilch. Nada. It was posted on their own forum by one of their employees. He suggested a weblink to contact them via email! WTF. When it comes to MONEY, you better be able to speak with the company you're doing business with.

    2. Sellers have had their accounts "frozen" and are not receiving their payouts! No fraud, no illegal activity, no chargebacks - yet their money is sitting in their accounts and they can't get access to it. One guy has more than $8,000 he can't touch.

    Sound familiar? Remind you of anyone? *cough* paypal *cough*.

    3. Within Google's FAQ's, it says that the reason they need your SS# is to do random credit checks as needed. This is one of the reasons that Paypal uses to close people's accounts without warning!

    With sucky Paypal, you can at least speak to a human being about the problem - whether they resolve it is a post for another day, but with Google Checkout, folks not only are not receiving payouts, but can't get an answer as to WHY the payouts have stopped.

    I thought I had found the solution to Paypal. Alas, my search continues.

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    They definitely suck. They freeze accounts for no reason and refund the buyers instantly. You're left with no product and no money.

    Then you can't call anyone to complain. Their email support is a joke, they just keep repeating what they said.

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    I'm so glad to have come across this posting. I'm looking for an alternative to Paypal as they have limited access to my account without common sense. As a seller, my package has been delivered to the buyer, the day after the buyer filed a claim of not receiving. Still, Paypal want me to send proof of shipment! They wanted to see the streetname/address of delivery. USPS does not and never shows the streetname on their system. Paypal is wasting their time and my time. Go after the bad guys...not me! I talked with customer service many times and it was useless.

    Glad to know that Google Checkout is not a better alternative either.


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