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Thread: Moneybookers? Are you kidding me?

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    Default Moneybookers? Are you kidding me?

    I recently signed up for Moneybookers as an alternative to a terrible experience with Paypal, and I must say that Paypal was FAR better than my brief experience with Moneybookers. I don't even know how eBay could accept Moneybookers as a valid form of payment.

    For people who have been long-standing Moneybookers users and if they've had a good experience, fine. I'm talking about people who have signed up in the past few weeks.

    I really believe that MONEYBOOKERS IS A FRAUDULENT SCAM!

    They have never answered their 24/7 hotline. I've called about 7-8 times total, either it disconnects or I get a voicemail recording. I received 1 response out of 5 emails I sent them trying to figure out how to send/receive payments. That single response was a vague form letter that didn't answer anything I asked.

    I gave them all the required financial information, and their user interface doesn't allow me to do ANYTHING explained in their FAQ. No customer support. And after spending hours switching over all my auctions to use Moneybookers instead of Paypal, and then having to switch them back since Moneybookers won't respond to anything I sent them, will not answer the phone, and their user interface will not allow me to do anything in the account, I'm through with them. And although I've had a terrible experience with Paypal, I'm left with virtually no other option on eBay! (They don't even allow money orders or checks for my auctions anymore!) And I'm not qualified to use ProPay or Paymate, etc. So I'm basically forced to use Paypal. :-(

    The Moneybookers account won't let me transfer money to my account, and I cannot seem to do anything! I can't even remove the information I sent them. Basically they have all my info and I can't do a thing with the account!

    DO NOT SIGN UP FOR MONEYBOOKERS UNLESS THEY'VE COMPLETELY CHANGED THE WAY THEY OPERATE, which (if you're reading this anytime close to June 2009) will most likely not happen anytime soon.

    Good luck.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default moneybookers

    ive been using moneybookers for the last 3 months and i looovee it.

    the rates are lower and the exchange rates are fantastic.

    iam australian and if u do an exchange rate on paypal.. its normally aust $1- US 0.55c thats how ridiculous the exchange rate is on paypal and i buy alot of american stuff using american $$ but with moneybookers the exchange rate is very similiar to which is one of the most up to date exchange raters. to prove it i did an exchange on paypal and it was like 0.55c and for moneybookers for every $1 i got 75c american... PAYPAL IS RIPPPING ME OFFF AT LEAST 20CENTS PER EVERY DOLLAR IAM EXCHANGING.

    iam pretty happy saving 20c per dollar with moneybookers..


    also i dont know why u are saying u cannot change any info off moneybookers.

    i know because last week i got abit of a scare.. i thought someone hacked my email account so i logged into moneybookers and took my credit card and information off them with no problem just incase and i also changed pass's etc.. NO PROBLEM..

    dont know why u have trouble removing stuff since i had no problems last week.. this was only last week too.. june 20something 2009. i then after sorting out my email stuff and making sure i wasnt hacked.. i added everything back.. with no problems either.

    what exactly are your trying to change/remove?? i use moneybookers nearly on a daily basis. maybe i can help?
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    randomuser Guest

    Default RE: moneybookers

    Hello Unregistered Guest,

    I should have specified that I'm a U.S. resident. When calling them from here, anyone signing up will notice that there is a big difference between how they treat U.S. residents and international residents (just by going through the automated calling system). I eventually spoke to one person based in the UK and he basically said (my paraphrase!) that U.S. residents can hardly do anything outside of use Moneybookers for EBay, but when I asked how to do anything with the account, or how to set up a merchant account, he put me on hold, then the line disconnected. And I never got through to the merchant account services via telephone. I think I called them a total of seven times and only once (as described here) got a human on the other line, and that human was NO HELP whatsoever and spent most of the time (seemingly) reading pre-written lines about their policy.

    There are certain restrictions for U.S. customers that they don't have for other countries.

    Like I said, as far as changing or removing stuff, the interface did not look like what they say in the FAQ. For instance, the FAQ said to go to certain links to for instance upload money to my Moneybookers account, but there were no links as specified in the FAQ! This was for just about everything. I could not DO anything with the account! And when I tried to remove/change any information, it said I couldn't. My account was not on hold/limitation/lock, etc. because I never even got a chance to USE it for the first time!

    Also, previous international users may have a great experience. I'm primarily addressing U.S. users who are signing up anytime around this time. Also, when I finally told them (via email) that I'm fed up with their service and would like them to remove my information and confirm this, NO RESPONSE. I asked them close my account, NO RESPONSE. I figured out how to close the account via the FAQ, it was a hidden link not accessible via the account, and closed it, so now I can no longer log in, but they still have my information, and I never got a chance to change/remove it.

    I am now regrettably being forced to use Paypal for any eBay transactions, as they don't really allow much else.

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    payattention Guest


    Have you guys tried Paymate?

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    Default I'm havingn the same problem..

    I just recently had sing up for MB as an alternative to Papal which in my own opinion is horrible I don't know how this company can keep orerating. at all is just a big overpowering monapoly that Ebay and Paypal hold for their costumers. I had horrible experience with paypal they got me off 1500. usd and still waiting for it on the mail....

    Any way I just have not being able to link my Ebay account to money bookers the money bookers site keeps asking me to verify my personal ifo.. which i already have for all tree options they have which is address verification , bank account and now even s.s. # (which by the way is required in their own terms) I have e-maled them and call them so many times and i just can't seem to get a resolution..

    I like to ask has any one gone this same process? I'm refering for us. residents that want to link their Ebay account as curently that is the only available option for us residents which i think is a little harsh.. I think that all those low fees and no fees to receive money don't apply for us residents.

    My main concern is to use money bookers for Ebay at least. I really hate Paypal and don't want to go back to them at all.. Money bookers seems to be the only alternative since Ebay won't allow other payments now even money orders and checks blocked. Propay is only available to power sellers.. and if you are a regular seller and don't want to use Paypal then waht to do? as money bookers have not beeing able to link my account. There is no help to this sudject on their site. PLease if some one knows how to fix this pease tell me..
    I'm uneasy to send them still more personal info they are resquesting.. like a copy of my driver license.. they already have all my info mentioned on top..
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    Exclamation Moneybookers - avoid

    OK Guys - here's the gen on Moneybookers.

    Even if you successfully open a Moneybookers account and provide all the verification paperwork/procedures - at some LATER DATE they will AGAIN start asking for verification info. They will then lock your account and you will not be able to download funds (though they will still allow others to send money to your Moneybookers account!). There are multiple web threads about this providing supporting evidence from a multitude of users - and they done it to me after I'd had been using my Moneybookers account regularly and without problems for 1 year.

    It then becomes a terrible nightmare. Best thing is to avoid moneybookers from day one!
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    Smile Payment option

    Hello, I was just trying to find some information about this new way of payments and I have to write this to share my experiend...........First I'm a Power Seller and I have used all kind of payment, we all know that paypal is not that good but compare to propay, moneybookers etc is farrrrrrrrr much better. MoneyBooker and Paymate are a jokeeeeee...........Why should I go into details you can imagine that I cant make those account available for differents reasons and because I have to go through so many things that I prefered to stay with paypal............As alternative to all of you that needs to offer another way of payment please try to get a credit card merchant account, ebay is taking that as well for payments!
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    Exclamation Moneybookers is a SCAM!!!

    I am a US resident and experiencing the same problems with moneybookers; I can not do anything with it! I tried to call moneybooker's US location and I only recieve a answer machine. I recently learned that money bookers canceled the "send money" feature for US residents. So US residents can recieve money within the account, but can not send any. What a piece-of-shit company!!! Now they will not let me delete any information I put on my account. This company is a SCAM, STAY AWAY!!!
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    Default Scam

    Moneybookers is a scam. The would lock your account wihthout any explanation even though the funds were uploaded with a HSBC Credit Card. And then they would keep requesting additional information, ... SCAM!

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