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Thread: Virtual Credit Cards for Paypal-AVS/VCC for sale. For any countries!!

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    Arrow Virtual Credit Cards for Paypal AVS/VCC for sale. For any countries! VBA-Canadian,US.

    Virtual AVS/VCC cards for Paypal/eBay/iOffer and more.

    VBA USA for instant verification and Canadian VBA for deposit verification.

    VBAs are not unsafe E-Trades, but strong, good verification VBA from Capital One US Bank and Suntrust Bank.

    AVS VCC Cards can be registered for any (!!!) country including USA, UK, Canada.
    Cards match with full address that You are need and therefore it is really strong verification for Paypal, instead anonymous VCC that is in market mostly.

    These cards will be used not only for Paypal, but also for eBay, Facebook, Alertpay, iOffer and Google Adwards.

    Service that I offer:

    • Get your AVS Card within 24-36 hours.

    • I need from You :
    • Full name, address, country, phone - all info that You need to match for associated account.

    • Cards are 8 year!!! (also very rare, mostly sellers offer 1 year)

    • 2 USD balance on card, other more balance is available for special request.

    • Can be added to Paypal within 1 week after registration.

    • The 4-digit PayPal verification code will be provided within 48 hours.

    Lowest price available on forums for AVS card : $20 USD only.
    USA VBA for instant : 17USD
    Canadian VBA : 30 USD.

    Payments : Google Checkout (preferred). Moneybookers, Alertpay, Moneypak, UK bank transfer.

    EXPUSE number will be provided once it shows in system in 48 hours.

    P.S I am serious seller with full responsibility, so no any bad surprises here

    PM for contacts or email : [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

    or YahooIMessenger : [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

    Thanks and welcome for questions and orders!
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnor View Post
    Do you accept paypal? I really need 2 VCC.
    PM sent! Please all business talks in PM or email.... It will be just normal rules for any forum selling threads... Thanks!

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    anthonyg Guest


    Do you accept paypal payment? I need a vcc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonyg View Post
    Do you accept paypal payment? I need a vcc.
    PM sent to anthonyg . Thanks!

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    Some AVS and Canadian VBA was delivered on last days.

    Welcome to new orders and any questions ! ...

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    liamgreg Guest

    Default Canadian VBA

    I left you a PM. Really would like to get a Canadian VBA


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