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Old 03-13-2010, 10:20 AM
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Default paypal locks down my 1400 dollars!

Today pay pal froze my account which in turn froze my selling ebay account.people who won my auctions can't even pay me! I feel tons of bad feed back rolling my way!I opened a second paypal account under my husbands name just to try and separate finances and they flagged it suspicious activity!I am a pediatric nurse who lives in small ville u.s.a. .I am the farthest thing from being a terrorist. They said since we had the same street address is why we were flagged.I had been spending my own money to mail packages and saving all paypal earnings including shipping in my paypal account. 1400 bucks!Said i can't use my account no more but I could get my money back in 180 days.What a bunch of crooks!They should be held accountable.I think they look for any reason to lock down peoples accounts so they can draw 180 days worth of interest on our money!!!!!!

Also they have no problem letting you open an account with no i.d. and no documents but the minute you start earning money they make you jump through hoops to keep it.After providing all the necessary documents "Duayne" requested ,it still wasn't good enough for the next agent I contacted. I have an e-mail from paypal and "stephanie"a so called supervisor, says this e-mail doesnt exist.The email was sent by Duayne outlining how to fix my account.

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crooks, frozen paypal account

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