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Old 08-27-2009, 06:32 AM
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Angry PP limited my account & wont tell me why & treating me like a criminal!! :(

This tale is banal, farcical and totally preposterous!!

Here we go, a tale of why I'm distraught over my 900 that I cant get!!

Well, about 2 weeks ago, I sold my brand new imac on ebay for 400 less than I bought it, as I lost my job and have no money & need cash for rent * bills etc as I'm in real dire straights

Anyway, I did the transaction, the buyer paid swiftly through PP, but I noticed straight away that PP had 'LIMITED' my account & were asking for all sorts of absurd 'verifications'

They wanted proof of photo id, home phone numbers, Nation Insurance numbers (which doesn't work as they have asked for 'social security number' which is American and wont let me input the UK version

My home phone has been cut off and I had rang PP customer services about 10 times now, and my mobile company just text me saying my calls to them totaled '23'!!!

This is just getting worse!

I have spoken to the call centers both in Dublin, Ireland and in the Philippines many times, and emailed them well over a dozen times, but all the same old bullshit replay

They say the funds are 'too new' at the moment & they cant lift the suspension for up to a maximum of, wait for it, 180 days!!!!!

Thats 6, YES SIX months!!!!!!!!!!!


They also point out that this is because of 'possible' YES 'possible chargebacks' that the limitation must stay...... for now!

Thats like saying you HAVE to wear a helmet whilst walking down the road, because their is a chance you MIGHT fall over!!

Jesus, this is banal, farcical and totally preposterous!!

I have complained to trading standards, to the Financial Ombudsman, but I have the wait 8 weeks before I can even complain fully

I have tried contacting the buyer to see what can be done, but alas, I dont think anything can??

Who the hell do Paypal think they are exactly?

If they were a high street bank their would be murders!!!

Now I'm stuffed, the buyer has the item for a knockdown price, I'm the one whose skint and on the breadline & getting into more debt because I cant access my 900!!

I'm upset beyond words

Any help would be apreciated

Just another unhappy / unlucky PP customer who is sorely regretting getting involved

C in NW England

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