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Default Paypal have been stealing from me 4 yrs now blocked access

I recall having a PayPal account in 2008. So I opened it before that. I am used to seeing a quantity "CURRENCY CONVERSION DEBIT"but assuming they are a great company almost like BANK OF AMERICA I did not analyze this deeply. I simply took for granted all would be above board.

By chance, in April 2016, I paid "UnitedRegistrar" using PayPal. They had in their website that PayPal was sending payment warnings which would make customers make duplicate payments.and if that happened,to ignore the warning.

Very soon this happened to me along with my checking account being overdrawn /fined due to duplicate withdrawal by Paypal. My Paypal account was set up so as to withdraw from my checking account (Natwest Bank) and then pay the vendor I wanted to pay using Paypal.

This led to me making a chance discovery of various errors on my Paypal statements,including arithmetic errors, some small ones in my favour and larger ones in their own (Paypals favour). On 29 April 2016 I tried to download older statements, only succeeding in getting as far back as January 2014.

What I found is Paypal repeatedly debits sums of between 30 and 50 sometimes more and writes against IT CURRENCY CONVERSION DEBIT INTO BRITISH POUNDS. Of course I have only British pounds so moving that around cannot be called CURRENCY CONVERSION.

Anyhow when Paypal pays someone I pay, I see two records on the paypal statement: one of having debitted from my bank account or credit card, showing an increase in Paypal balance. This is followed by outgoing payment to the vendor, which means the same amount is debitted from the Paypal account restoring its balance to the original. Also uncommonly I have credit to my Paypal account through a sellers refund or my own sale which increase balance

There are repeated senseless statements in the Paypal statement such as refunds issued to me which paypal subtracts from or decreases my balance by; refunds issued by me to someone from whom I made a purchase, (duplicate payment) ; as well as a debit of 30 to 50 pounds called CURRENCY CONVERSION DEBIT INTO BRITISH POUNDS where Paypal debits my checking account but that does not show up as an increase in my Paypal balance and is also not used to pay out to anyone SO THAT AMOUNT IS JUST DISAPPEARED BY PAYPAL.

This type of error I found repeatedly from January 2014 to mean Paypal owes me a few 100 pounds. If they would only provide statements since I opened my account, I believe I would find Paypal owing me more than 1000 refundable..I feel paypal should be made to provide older statements, and refund the whole amount.

In 2008 I had successfully quashed a credit card company's claim of 550 they wanted as duplicate payment, saying they had changed their account# and sort code since I made the payment and to pay again as the older account was unavailable to them.

Anyhow I have been ripped off since then esp since 2011,and feel help with fraud has probably deteriorated in the Uk which agencies like Action Fraud being a fraud themselves. I have sent in a complaint about this to Paypal in the last few days (today being 18.06.2016)and copied to the Financial Ombudsman and Paypal has 8 weeks to reply to my query. I do not know if the Financial Ombudsman service will still work as well as it did in 2008.

All Paypal seems to have done after I did the written complaint is to BLOCK ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT. I am also finding it hard to reach them on the phone at 0800 358 7911 as I need the one time 6 digit PIN you get by logging in. This does not look like a good sign to me. However I want to try to find telephone numbers where they will just answer,

Banks used to provide older statements on request and most certainly if there is a fraud issue, and they used to provide customers address verification on request but I think in the Uk these "just & fair services" have been withdrawn and banks can so as they please. Am I right, or if I can establish repeated errors in balance from start of 2014 to middle of 2016 in banks favour bank must provide older statements for scrutiny

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