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Old 07-28-2014, 07:07 PM
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Default Purposely holding MY MONEY

My account was limited rightfully so because I am 17 years old. Paypal told me to open a student account with my parents. I did the following day since I have money on my account from selling things on eBay. I easily transferred the money from that account to my student account and was waiting for the rest that was already pending on my limited account. The money is now on my account no longer pending since the item I sent has been delivered and 3 days have passed. I call Paypal and they tell me that they won't transfer the money until 45 days to protect the buyer in case they want to dispute the item they received. This angered me because I can't wait an entire 45 days to receive MY MONEY especially since I will have to pay eBay in the next week. The buyer of the item sent me great feedback that the item was everything he expected and fast shipping. I even messaged him and he responded nothing was wrong with the item and would like to purchase more items from me. I gave Paypal that info and yet they still will not give me MY MONEY even though there is no way in hell the buyer won't dispute anything. It's infuriating that Paypal does this after having to wait over 45 minutes on hold. I don't see what the problem is since I transferred money a couple of days before. This is site is right and Paypal does suck and I will no longer be using it once I get all my money out of my accounts.

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They should implement a policy that makes the buyer agree that they received the item and they are happy with it. That way the seller funds can be released sooner than days. That is a bit ridiculous.

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holding money, limited account, paypal sucks

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