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Default How to beat PayPal's withdrawal limit, (Horror Story Included) =)

I'm sorry this post is so long, but I hope you will appreciate the path to the ending. Included is a way to beat PayPal's $400 cash withdrawal limit. They just love for you get a partial withdrawal of your funds to build trust and then seize the rest overnight when you're sleeping... like yellow bellied assassins.

Oh this company drives me NUTS! I've had many problems in the past with them, including one where I sold a car and paypal held the entire amount until they could find out "where the buyer is obtaining their funds." Now bear in mind, I know the buyer. She repairs odometers for a living. They actually expected her to track down every part she has bought, every customer, every receipt, and then they would release the funds in 6 months! $4500! Obviously, this is just a way for them to make interest on your money: ask you a question that you CANNOT possibly answer, and then laugh in your face.

Well, just a couple days ago, I got the shortest end of the stick I have ever gotten with them. Keep in mind, I have a 100% feedback rating, and when you sell mostly cars for a living, that is a hard task. When have you EVER been 100% satisfied with ANYTHING you bought, let alone a car! You know it's hard to describe items, but I try to be as honest and paint it in the correct light. It was working though, and people enjoyed the honesty.

So, after PayPal saw that all my transactions are legit, and all my customers are happy, they sent me a letter saying that they would not hold funds anymore. I thought, great! I still know they are a shady company, but at least this is some decent news.

SOOOO, I decided to sell 5 iPhones a couple days ago that I had gotten from AT&T for new activation. We decided to use blackberries instead, so I figured this would pay for a few months' service. I list them with a buy it now price, and minutes later, they sell. All 5. To the same buyer. I check my PayPal account, and SURPRISE! They are all on hold. Now, here comes one kicker (1 of 3 kickers)... I sent the buyer 3 emails saying that I'll be glad to work with him, and even give him a discount if he would send the money instantly, using the invoice I would send him through paypal. No answer. I asked him if there was another way he wants to go. No answer. Finally, I sent him a letter saying that I refuse, (because of PayPal's sordid history) to send him ANYTHING until I get the money in my hand. I sent him refunds for all his purchases. (Over $1700) - Next day, I wake up, I have 5 NEGATIVE FEEDBACKS! (Kicker 2 of 3). He said I had "no communication"... BS.

So I call him. I said, Sir, we have a miscommunication. To keep you happy, I'll be glad to knock $50 off if you'll send the money through PayPal instantly by paying the invoice I'll send. He says, no problem. I get to my office, and Voila. The money is there. I also sent feedback revision requests, etc., and he complies and changes the feedbacks to positive. Thanks. Now, I knew PayPal is terrible with holding money without notice, so I call them. I say "PayPal, you guys are terrible with holding money without reason. Even after you sent me a letter saying you wouldn't, YOU DID. Now I need to know if you will be holding these funds, BECAUSE I AM ABOUT TO SHIIIIIIP the IIIIITEMS!" They said, no problem. The money isn't and won't be on hold. Send it.

Well, I had been tricked before. So first, I used the debit card to withdraw $400 (my limit). I also decided to get the remainder by shopping at Wal-Mart, using the debit card to buy a TV for $1200, and then return it tomorrow and get the cash back. This way, I'll have left no money in my PayPal account overnight. SMART MOVE. I'll tell you why: I printed the postage through PayPal and sent the tracking number to the buyer, and dropped the package off.

Well once this happened, he filed a complaint saying he didn't get his items. WELL, NO KIDDING! It's been ONE DAY and I live in Texas and you live in New York. PayPal has seized my funds, and there's no telling what the buyer will do with the merchandise. He can say there was just rocks inside or something. (Even though I TOOK A PICTURE of the items along with their receipts and my ID, all in the shipping box, with his tracking number and send it to him via email.

Now, PayPal and eBay HAVE CLOSED my perfect 100% feedback with over $40k in sales in the past 6 months, on no reason other than that their automated account closing system thought they could close out the account with some money in it. I guess I wasn't very profitable for them because I knew PayPal's tricks and knew that they try to build your confidence by giving you access to your funds UNTIL YOU SHIP THE ITEM. THAT'S WHY THEY SELL POSTAGE. SO they can know when you shipped, and so they can know when to hold your funds! WHAT CAN ONE DO WHEN THEY HAVE ALREADY SHIPPED? They would rather have one lump sum rather than to keep you as a happy customer for life and make dollars here and there...

I URGE YOU - If you get a large payment, do what I did... BUY SOMETHING worth the same amount using your PayPal DEBIT card, and then return it the next day for cash back. It's ethically questionable, and Wal-Mart did nothing wrong (in this case), I know, but when you have no choice and you have a family to feed and you're faced with imminent closure of your paypal account, it's the right thing to do. Plus, it's Wal-Mart. Who the hell cares, it goes back into inventory and gives the Customer Service people job security. Just don't use the item you bought for the fun of it. Be as ethical as possible and keep it new and keep the receipt. (Don't run it as credit - they will return the money to the same account. Use Debit and you will get cash back on returns at most places - Wal-Mart is perfect, there's no limit to cash back on returns with Debit as original payment method.)

So now, my supplemental income through eBay is gone. For no reason other than the buyer wanted to scam me out of 5 iPhones. If I hadn't cashed out, I would have been out 5 iPhones and $1700. WOW. My account is STILL negative -$1700!!! I'm actually still out my money if you want to get technical. Plus, PayPal has my bank and credit numbers. They can ruin my credit report too, but I HAVE MY MONEY at least. And that is important.

Guys, please be smart out there. Don't leave money in your account. WHY DO THAT!?!?!

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Paypal is prepared for that tactic, they'll try to deduct the funds from your primary funding source on file, if you removed that funding source, they'll simply turn you into collections and damage your credit. They suck, I'm afraid to sell anything on ebay because of them. On the other hand, free is an excellent price to source products, but I don't want to steal from my fellow sellers....

I value my credit, I wouldn't do this, it's not worth damaging your credit. I just wouldn't sell Iphones on ebay because electronics seem to attract the scammers like chum in shark infested waters.

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So has the buyer acknowledged he has received the iPhones yet?

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