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Old 02-10-2012, 04:18 PM
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Default Ebay extortion!

So I get an email a few days ago stating that my Ebay Account has been restricted. Confident that there could be NO reason for that to be the case I dispensed it as spam. Then I went to check an active auction for something I am selling and see the same message in my Ebay message folder, so apparently this restriction is real. I called them immediately, after all, with over $45,000.00 in Ebay sales since my membership began in early 2002, and 100% perfect feedback how could they possibly think I have an issue. Here is where the Ebay deception occurs. According to Ebay “Trust and Safety” Supervisor “Jason” a family members account is somehow “linked to mine”. That person owes $9.00 and that is the reason for the restriction to my account. So I asked how these accounts became linked in the first place, they claim that the contact information is the same. I asked “which contact information?” they said they could not tell me that. Hmmm. So some account that is NOT mine, has the same “contact information” as mine but they refuse to state what that is? REALLY? I proposed that if the $9.00 was paid would they separate the accounts so that this could never happen again, they said they would not, effectively making me their collection agent whenever they feel someone owes them money. Neither the family member in question NOR myself have EVER linked these accounts, this activity was done by the nefarious actions of Ebay itself and conveniently there is NO path to resolving the matter. Imagine if you had a credit card and one day you notice it does not work, you investigate and find out someone else owes the company money and Visa is going to hold you hostage until you make the other person pay their bill. Is this REALLY where we are headed? Please help me raise awareness to this by posting this everywhere you can. People need to know what sort of extortion Ebay is up to, this NOT the way we do things in America!

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Old 02-14-2012, 10:33 AM
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It is beyond me how a company like eBay/Paypal can operate at all in America. They don't have to follow any federal banking regulations and they are not FDIC insured. Where does that leave all their users? In a deep dark hole is where it leaves us.

How are we supposed to follow all the rules if they are constantly changing we are not informed about them?
eBay/Paypal can do what they want whenever they want and this we agreed to when signing up. It just was not that clearly stated on their user agreement.

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Old 02-15-2012, 03:40 PM
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Seriously ...
WHY is this company still around?!

Paypals business practices verge on and often cross to the illegal side.
And it is happening right here in America! Don't ask me how but it is WRONG.

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Old 10-18-2013, 09:03 PM
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Default Jumpmaster

OMG Ebay is not just an online auction service, it is a truly effective extortion racket! You do everything possible to be a good buyer and seller and get your feedback high and perfect, then out of nowhere ebay restricts your account because it is "linked" to someone elses! I'm not sure who I'm linked to, but if it is who I think, we aren't even on speaking terms anymore. They say I don't have to pay the other person's account, but if the account is not paid I can't use mine! They want me to call that person to see if that is who made the account and get them to pay. So now, I am a bill collector for ebay? I tell them I'm not about to do collections services for them, but since they are such great extortionists, I tell them I will pay the $62.00 to lift the restriction on my account as long as I can have the other account closed. They then have the nerve to tell me that I don't have the authority to close the other account! Of course I don't because I know nothing about that account! But do they seriously expect me to pay the back bill which lifts restrictions on my account and the other one as well, when you bet your bottom dollar that they will call me again in a couple months when that person racks up another $60 bill for me to pay!

I can't even start over with a new account for me or my wife, because that new account would only link to my restricted account, which is linked to the other restricted account and of course, any new one would end up restricted as well! So for the rest of my life my wife or I cannot use ebay ... unless I give in to their extortion! How in God's name is this legal?

OK, I'm done ranting! I'm going to pay the bill, but I'll bet I will end up in this same boat in the future! I think I'll write my representatives as well!

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Old 04-01-2014, 07:23 AM
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Ebay does this all the time specially to sellers and buyers, there's actually no difference. It's a scam site.

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