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Default Third World Paypal nightmare!!!

I am from Panama, and because of this, Paypal has been a nightmare for years.

See, a lot of web designers and logo designers rely on Paypal to pay people. I remember making a website template for a French person, and he paid me $10, just 10 damn dollars, and Paypal never gave me the money because I hadn't verified the account, since I wrote in my address that I was in the US, but I was really in Panama, where Paypal users can send money but cannot receive it.

In a nutshell, it is almost impossible for a person in Panama to work as a web designer or logo designer without stumbling with someone overseas who can't pay him.

I am not a writer, but I write as a hobby, and I am not exactly good at it. And I have also seen a lot of magazines that accept electronic submissions, but hey, they pay with Paypal, making it impossible for me to get money if I send them a meager short story.

I have been trying to get around this Paypal problem for months, but living in a country like Panama, where only Western Union and credit cards seem to work properly is like a nightmare from hell. Moneybookers does not work here either.

A good alternative may be [url=http://www.2checkout.com]2Checkout.com - Merchant Account / Credit Card Processing Alternative[/url], which may work in Panama (there's a strong chance that we may backward enough to not have that either), but I hear that one sucks too, since they take a great deal of the money you make.

Any ideas? I am pretty ignorant on this topic.

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