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  1. PayPal to be used as a legal tool to steal money!??
  2. Paypal User Agreement EXPOSED!
  3. How do I get my money out without a bank account?
  4. Yep - they did that to me, too.
  5. do i need to be worried?
  6. get around paypal withdrawal limits
  7. Can I use paypal on a public computer?
  8. Can Paypal actually go into your checking account?
  9. PayPal Plagued by System Malfunctions
  10. im gonna put A stop to this
  11. verification
  12. Paypal... won't take my money
  13. Response from Movement Media
  14. paypal limited
  15. Account limited and Claims????
  16. Withdraw limits?
  17. How can I get my money?
  18. How much money?
  19. My paypal name is wrong or correct
  20. Link Ebay Account with paypal?
  21. Help!!! I've opened up a dispute but the seller's refunds failed!!!
  22. Providing Photo ID for paypal limitation
  23. Customer Care Cage Match: PayPal vs. the Freezer
  24. are there any humans at paypal
  25. Problem with Creditcard en adress
  26. Paypal personal a/c $ limits & withdrawal limits
  27. Times when credit card payment is not allowed (only bank account transfer) for EBAY?
  28. Send Money to other paypal account??
  29. Why is Paypal calling me about money I receive?
  30. a/c locked...what to do?
  31. I Caught Paypal Charging my Banned Credit Card
  32. Canada ebay?
  33. Did you Know... Plz Help
  34. Advice needed
  35. Ideas to bring down the beanstalk!
  36. Stay away from paypal
  37. Shame on you Paypal
  38. Should have seen it coming
  39. Paypal doesnt want our biz
  40. Should have known better!
  41. use it or loose it
  42. Can't access my account!
  43. Penalized for being good eBay seller
  44. Funds Transfer
  45. Fundraising froze account
  46. Paypal robbed me!
  47. Been Wronged by Pay Pal?
  48. Couldn't pay with paypal
  49. Paypal problem
  50. can ebay charge old acct balance to new paypal account?
  51. Can Paypal debit money from your bank account or credit card without permission...
  52. paypal and payloadz
  53. Not allowed to close account
  54. Make Paypal Pay by a click
  55. Hacked and helpless
  56. Will I get my money?
  57. PayPal/eBay almost overdrafted my bank account
  58. PayPal finally managed to overdraft my bank account
  59. Someone charged up my credit card through paypal
  60. Paypal is just a useless middleman!
  61. accidently logged into ebay with bad IP - am I screwed?
  62. 21 day hold
  63. cannot close account...uhm?
  64. thinking of opening an website payment pro account
  65. Paypal wants me to pay for something I didn't sell
  66. Paypal told me someone is using my CC
  67. Warning!!! PayPal = loan shark
  68. PayPal & Ebay Profits Big Time
  69. Paypal does not play nice with Non-profits
  70. Paypal wants tracking number for local pick up
  71. Don't trust PayPal
  72. Shut down for reasons unknown
  73. Tracking number means nothing
  74. Feeling a little sketchy
  75. Change of bank account ruined me
  76. PayPal is holding funds for shipping
  77. PreyPal has all my ID Information
  78. Guilty by association
  79. My PP acc was hacked and upgraded
  80. I think I am going crazy
  81. Does PayPal still have personal info after account was closed?
  82. Typical Paypal rip-off
  83. Can't contact paypal regarding fraud on my account
  84. Too many ways to get scammed using PayPal
  85. Paypal account deactivated
  86. Ombudsman to the rescue
  87. Chargeback Mafia Facts
  88. PayPal wants me to pay to clear my account
  89. Paypal is not for business
  90. eBay account closed forsure?
  91. Paypal subscription and fixed amount payment
  92. I had fraud on my account
  93. Can't use AmEx with pay pal
  94. Direct access to my bank account, hell no!
  95. not a chance with Paypal
  96. Paypal wants me dead
  97. Account falsely linked to mine
  98. First I'm right, then I'm wrong now I'm screwed
  99. PayPal Protects Fraudaulent Company
  100. buyer changed claim 3 times and then tried to extort me
  101. How do I avoid paypal?
  102. PayPal kept telling me to send more money
  103. Watch out for the fees!
  104. "seller minimum" what's next??
  105. NEVER use paypal for Deposits
  106. Buyer filed multiple disputes
  107. verification for new accounts
  108. How do we close paypal account???
  109. Offered proof and refund and got banned
  110. Blindsided by PayPal
  111. your account was hijacked by a third party
  112. Dispute Resolution Unsatisfactory
  113. Paypal is double-dipping in to my bank account
  114. Beware of Chinese scams
  115. 21 day hold and still no money
  116. "certain threshold" of chargebacks.
  117. Local Pick-up scam by Paypal
  118. Recent purchase dilemma thanks to PayPal
  119. I was "risk paypal could no longer take"
  120. Did not receive item and dispute is too late
  121. Paypal is NOT for business
  122. Paypal does not allow mistakes being made
  123. unauthorized debit charges to my bank account
  124. Paypal is coming after me personally for a business account
  125. I need help please. It's a matter of life and death
  126. money transfer delays
  127. Accused of dealings with Iranians ?!?
  128. 13 years with paypal and they treat me like roadkill
  129. Paypal-the most trusted way to get ripped off!
  130. no buyer protection
  131. Paypal gave money back to scammer
  132. Banned for life
  133. Refunded buyer how then opened a case against me
  134. Real paypal email screws me out of $4000 USD
  135. There is ALWAYS a problem with paypal
  136. Limited after I added 3.5k to my paypal account
  137. Another paypal disaster (because I complained about fraud to my acc)
  138. Money to bank account delay
  139. Way to treat new user; you owe us $2k
  140. Do not use Paypal for intangible goods. *WARNING*
  141. Paypal is not accepting my proof of delivery
  142. Account frozen, money was to pay for hospital
  143. Not sure if I am getting scammed, please advice
  144. Everyone I know have a problem with paypal
  145. There is nothing safe about using ebay and paypal
  146. Permanently limited just like that
  147. Scared to make large withdrawl
  148. Typical scam, typical result; seller lose
  149. chargeback, paypal take more money then sale was
  150. unauthorized charge to my bank account
  151. paypal did not use back up funding option
  152. Limited as a buyer for filing dispute
  153. Funds on hold and can't pay rent
  154. Want my info back from Paypal or deleted
  155. Banned from Using Pay Pal for one mistake
  156. hacked account
  157. Paypal at Home Depot
  158. refused to pay using my paypal account
  159. So unhappy with Paypal!
  160. money sent is put on hold
  161. Charged when item was sold then full refund given to buyer!! WHAT??!
  162. Screwed by PayPal
  163. We noticed some unusual activity on a credit card linked to your PayPal account.
  164. corporate theft!
  165. Don't order PayPal here card Reader. WARNING
  166. Unauthorized debit to my bank account by paypal
  167. PayPal protect and reward criminal behavior and punish the victim
  168. 27 day wait for my money for EACH sale
  169. stop storing CC numbers
  170. $90 NSF charges that were caused by PayPal mistake
  171. Seller protection nothing but a mirage
  172. Paypal is denying transaction happened
  173. Password breach
  174. trying to quit paypal but can't
  175. Can't get mt money out of my PayPal account
  176. Take PayPal Company DOWN TO HELL !
  177. Very hard to get your money when using Paypal
  178. how to withdraw money
  179. First I couldn't send money, then I was limited
  180. Will paypal make me pay for someone else's debt?
  181. False claim got me and my family banned
  182. $ 1 for what, & how... ? Plus, forcing people to Register
  183. Ebay/Paypal is mostly for scammers
  184. unable to stop recurring payments
  185. Any hope for a minor that got scammed
  186. Paypal accepts old payment amounts
  187. Does PayPal monitor/ban certain types of transactions?
  188. PayPal rate is much lower than the real exchange rate
  189. Think PayPal removes your personal information? Nope!
  190. Any specific websites I should avoid?
  191. PayPal charges you 5$ for withdrawing your deposit in an EU country
  192. Why are Paypal's fees higher in some countries?
  193. Paypal was withholding crowdfunding campaign donations in 2013!
  194. Robbed by paypal
  195. Yet Another Instance With PayPal Causing NSF Fines
  196. PayPal & Network Solutions - Fines And No Help Whatsoever
  197. What can I do to stop paypal from ripping me off?
  198. Dispute filed on item in transit
  199. Paypal says valid tracking number is invalid
  200. Sending Money to Friends and Family
  201. Pending balance, is pending forever
  202. Initial withdrawal of 1.95$ when you create an account?
  203. Funds on hold then permanently froze
  204. Paypal held my refund
  205. Do NOT do business using PayPal, ever!
  206. Paypal gave away my item for free
  207. PayPal e-Checks
  208. restricted PayPal account
  209. Withdrawal delays, is this something new??
  210. Think I'm being scammed, need advice
  211. Nigerian Scammers?!
  212. Unable to Change Country Information
  213. Paypal holdback is killing our business
  214. Didn't get what I ordered
  215. Paypal; a scammers paradise
  216. I am scared and need help
  217. Kabbage and Paypal
  218. How does Paypal push a profit?
  219. PayPal will take your money if you are a seller
  220. Funding source lies
  221. Paypal takes the funds twice
  222. Need help with PayPal question
  223. lying buyer sends in false proof
  224. Refunds And Paypal
  225. returned items stripped of original parts
  226. I can't receive funds in my bank account
  227. PayPal put a hold on refund
  228. You sign away your rights using Paypal!!
  229. Paypal's disputes always favor the buyer
  230. Paypal credited buyer who kept software
  231. Shopping with PayPal isn't easy
  232. unauthorized use of card claims screws the seller everytime
  233. Two-week delay to send money to vendor?
  234. Paypal charged 2 of my credit cards for one transaction
  235. Hacked PayPal account. PayPal IS NOT SECURE!!
  236. Jokes on PayPal, I don't need them
  237. PayPal is declining transactions that are bank approved
  238. Paypal reverses deposit and places transaction on hold for no real reason!
  239. Paypal Criminals
  240. Question - New Account and starting very sllllooowwwwwww
  241. Everyday Paypal is trying to debit my bank account
  242. Think I am getting scammed by buyer using Paypal
  243. Over charged 4 times by paypal
  244. Need an Attorney pronto
  245. Cannot remove my old email
  246. Alternatives to talking to customer service?
  247. New to paypal, help please!
  248. Withdraw from stealth account
  249. unknown people added to my PayPal account
  250. PayPal are holding 5k of my money