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  1. Paypal and eBay have made it easy..
  2. I've been robbed, and PayPal is attempting to hold me responsible!
  3. PayPal Postage - Scam from Go to Whoa or No?
  4. Paypal not helping transation help!
  5. Server host stole my money
  6. Fraud
  7. Now a new charge has appeared
  8. 180 days
  9. Allerting all 3 cc companies
  10. damage
  11. damage
  12. $60 dispute, over 1 month, no resolution.....
  13. response
  14. Paypal disputes and claims.
  15. Anyone here?
  16. Why want the guys on DA only PayPal?!?
  17. Question regarding Chrageback
  18. Fraudulence
  19. Ripped off by another user using PayPal
  20. Class Action Lawsuit
  21. Paypal / EBay Fraud $1600 Dollars Gone
  22. Don't ever do local pickups with PayPal
  23. Pipeline Data
  24. Can someone help? Paypal auto-denied my claim!
  25. Paypal took $1300 out of my checking account
  26. Got scammed on Ebay, Paypal no help and extremely rude!
  27. Buyer disputed and won, appealed and...
  28. Can we actually post now?
  29. Is this a chargeback scam?
  30. PayPal withholds money to gain interest $$$.
  31. Unauthorized Payment Scam
  32. Lied to by Paypal Higher Up
  33. Possible money request scam
  34. Truly dumbfounded!
  35. motorcycle to australia
  36. I'm out $2000 + more
  37. paypal me the money was confiscated!
  38. Worst scammer in Flippa using Paypal.. Dolores INC 4684 Rainy Day Drive boston
  39. Negative Balance, NCO Calling - Need Advice
  40. A scammer asked to delivery goods to another country
  41. NEED HELP: Unauthorized payments ($1800)
  42. No transaction or sale... just blatant THEFT!!!
  43. Lost $7K+ thanks to PayPal.
  44. Stay away from Charge.com
  45. $394.48 loss in eBay due to Fraudulent seller
  46. Scam with negative money
  47. Pay pal scam
  48. NCO/Paypal after me. need help
  49. I Got Back At PayPal - Success Story
  50. eBay/Paypal scammer - Please Advise
  51. Please help! My account was hacked and now paypal has NCO after me!
  52. Paypal not helping in the dispute. Closed account and chargeback?
  53. Paypal really do suck
  54. new horror story unfolding; $2800 at risk
  55. eBay dispute
  56. Horror Stories
  57. Unathorized funds in Paypal..
  58. About to lose $1800 :( NEED HELP!!!!
  59. Buyer disputes w/ CC company AFTER receiving.
  60. I desperately need your help
  61. Negative ballance
  62. [Hlelp me] paypal limited
  63. [urgent] PayPal Limited
  64. Seller doesn't send item forever with specific due date, PayPal of no help
  65. negative balance!
  66. Afraid of a charge back on tickets delivered and used
  67. Got Scammed Big Time
  68. Got scammed in eBay, PayPal dismissed case!
  69. Please, need help on stolen laptop!
  70. Paypal does indeed suck
  71. PaypalScamVictim held liable for unauthorized payment made by Ukraine Scammers...
  72. negative 80 usd?
  73. -$332..got a letter in the mail from debt collectors
  74. Once again, Stupid, Brain-less PayPal strikes !
  75. Poland PayPal Problem
  76. Seller protection? Please don't make me laugh!
  77. PayPal dispute - can i win as a seller?
  78. Sold an item to a scammer, now I'm held liable and being harassed by collections
  79. What will happen to me???
  80. PayPal allowed 2 merchants to take money from my bank account
  81. To those who say we're all nuts...
  82. Buyer Protection! Buyer Beware!
  83. Internal Server and other errors
  84. Empty box scam now entirely on sellers shoulders
  85. Everythingcheck.com / Zeus Vega
  86. Virtual Goods Ripoff
  87. Delayed Mass Payments
  88. $15.5k
  89. Why was my thread removed?
  90. 10 Years Later? Is this legal?
  91. U.S. Seller scammed me in Canada, PayPal no help
  92. Got hacked, robbed and rejected.
  93. What?!?
  94. What can Pay Pal do?
  95. PayPal Documentary Lets expose them!
  96. Happy buyer opens case against me
  97. bamboozled
  98. Seller never shipped
  99. you all suck
  100. How to spot a scammer!
  101. My PayPal experience. Must read.
  102. So what can YOU do? Read Me to find out.
  103. Out $8000 Chargeback! Help!!!
  104. Ebay seller on the Rag
  105. PayPal stole my money after almost 4 weeks
  106. password problems
  107. $300 false charge back, what are my options?
  108. How will I get my money??
  109. Ebay can be injurious to your health!
  110. Buyer keeps item and received refund
  111. buyer threw away item, paypal said refund him
  112. Been threatened f###ed and treated like dirt by Paypal:mad:
  113. Paypal Told Customers To do Chargeback
  114. Are we being scammed?
  115. Customer filed a Unauthorized Claim
  116. Ebay Feedback Scam
  117. Account Frozen for Made Up Reason
  118. Am I being scammed?
  119. Received chargeback on an item buyer said was "not as described"
  120. $2000 order shipped, buyer dispute and won!
  121. sold $2000 camera thru my acct for a "friend", buyer never received camera
  122. eBay lied to me
  123. eBay buyer scam my money - eBay and PayPal won't refund
  124. PayPal negative balance
  125. I screwed Paypal!!!
  126. PayPal and Ebay another Horror Story
  127. Got FUCKED big time !
  128. Closed bank account and bank still pays Paypal
  129. Need help...about to sue paypal!!
  130. HELP! Buyer filed Chargeback.... OUT $11.5K
  131. Where's the "Seller Protection" policy?
  132. These fools are straight crooks...
  133. Lost a chargeback, need help please!!!!
  134. Ripped off through paypal by a chargeback
  135. Paypal is not playing fair
  136. Limited for selling stuff I bought from ebay
  137. Horror story: Paypal did it!
  138. paypal holding my account -540.00
  139. Paypal chargeback from item I sold on Ebay
  140. [Help] Underaged Negative PayPal Balance. [Need Experts]
  141. Can Paypal Access Bank Account
  142. It's not PayPal's Fault. eBay needs to give sellers control.
  143. A familiar story - screwed by scam buyer.
  144. [Help]Negative Balance PayPal?
  145. SCAMMED by provider2012 "my horror story "
  146. A common scam??
  147. 85 C$ NSF fees due to paypal charging the wrong account
  148. Wow ... 150$ scammed.Sad
  149. Advice Needed Please
  150. Items never received. Paid with PayPal.
  151. Another horror story ...
  152. Sold $1500 giftcard, sent, payment reversed
  153. Scammer wannabe had me cracking up!
  154. -300 USD Balance???
  155. Paypal Horror Story and Close Escape
  156. How to get your Paypal money back
  157. Need Help With Chargeback
  158. Fraudulent $1815. "chargeback" for a coin sent and NOT Returned!!
  159. Sold Item scammed by buyer/Paypal
  160. Can I get my money back? Paypal does not help me any more.
  161. Paypal tracking?
  162. Another PayPal ripoff
  163. Paypal screwing me twice?
  164. need advice
  165. Item returned to seller with proof of postage but Paypal refused to issue refund
  166. Question
  167. Recurring billing used for one time transactions
  168. Xtina 1210
  169. Scam
  170. Bespoke, hand crafted goods returned used & broken & paypal screw me!
  171. PayPal froze my account
  172. Dealing with PayPal is beyond frustrating.
  173. No Sympathy
  174. Promise of protection was nothing but lies from PayPal
  175. Discover chargebacks all in a row
  176. Impossible to cancel
  177. PayPal charged unconfirmed payment
  178. Paypal wants me to resubmit bank info
  179. PayPal refunded Non-Refundable Deposit
  180. I Wonder...
  181. UNCLAIMED-Receipient is not registered
  182. Scammed - Paypal Stole My Money
  183. Not my account
  184. Shut down for traveling
  185. help with scammer
  186. eBay account hackers?
  187. Buyer saying item faulty, PayPal sided with buyer.
  188. On sites that use PayPal gateways
  189. Stupid eBay accounr hackers
  190. PayPal is the problem, not buyers or sellers
  191. Submit Evidence and still Side With Buyer? Ha, gtfo
  192. I am out item and $
  193. getting refund from the scammer
  194. Owe PayPal 300+ not intending to pay them back
  195. f-ing theifs
  196. Paypal work with well known scammers
  197. Won dispute and got limited
  198. As god is my witness
  199. Disgusted with Paypal
  200. $500 for false "chargeback"
  201. My money has just disappeared!
  202. Hacked soon to be negative debt collection help
  203. FINALLY-They Got Me! And My $$$
  204. I Joined the Paypal Hosed Club This Week!
  205. Paypal can see a scam and wants to be part of it!
  206. Buyer tricked me
  207. Unauthorized Transaction
  208. Paypal kept money from sale
  209. Money just gone from pp account
  210. Owe money to paypal and it really isn't my fault, can I fight it?
  211. What can I do?
  212. Disputes against closed accounts?
  213. Non-payment and chargeback
  214. Money taken from my bank account
  215. Duped by a seller
  216. Scamming paypal possible?
  217. filed chargeback because of buyers remorse
  218. blocked from receiving personal payments
  219. Paypal Dispute Nightmare
  220. scammed
  221. Can seller add postage after sale is complete?
  222. PayPal Nightmare - Multiple Accounts
  223. Police came through when PayPal failed
  224. PayPal Isnt Accepted by the Big 3 Credit Agenicie So Why Worry?
  225. Need help getting money back
  226. Money transferred to another bank account (not mine)
  227. Cleared out my bank account
  228. Can't issue refund
  229. Desperate, my money vanished
  230. PayPal fucked my bank account.
  231. No money, no item, can't even close account
  232. paypal robbed me
  233. Ebay Stalker
  234. Paypal is not for Services provided
  235. PayPal play an important role in the Scam: Precious Metals
  236. Followed Paypal's advice and got limited
  237. never got what I paid for and never got refund
  238. False chargeback on item confirmed as received
  239. want to buy law service to stop paypal help selling fake bags on line
  240. Paypal's response was they can't help
  241. Scam Paypal
  242. Get paypal back
  243. Provides SSN got my+wife's account frozen
  244. Buyer beware of sellers with low feedback
  245. Competitor got me Blacklisted by Paypal
  246. so so stressful-paypal solicitors demanding money
  247. Ebay says order canceled but Paypal is not returning my money
  248. chargeback scam from buyer
  249. Paypal allows known scammer to keep scamming
  250. Where is the protection paypal talks about?