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  1. I sued PayPal in Michigan !!!
  2. Buy on EBAY, in these times of crisis
  3. why dont we sue to takeover Paypal?
  4. Zoolee0687
  5. me too
  6. I want to sue PayPal. Can someone help?
  7. What happens if
  8. Unverified account with money
  9. PayPal wont let me change Last name
  10. Verifing account with bank account or Paypal Plus
  11. Do I have a case?
  12. How to sue in small claims?
  13. Give it a go
  14. Well....We're waiting
  15. Send your story to 20/20 to get the word out
  16. Paypal refuse to do my $20 refund!
  17. paypal is robing 1$ from me every time i use it
  18. paypal sucks
  19. debt collecters sent 10 letters to me about ebay fees!!!!
  20. I got robbed
  21. What happens next
  22. Lawsuits...I did not post those comments
  23. I need legal help about ebay
  24. How do I sue paypal for $2,000,000 for defamation?
  25. Lawsuit Information
  26. Help please
  27. what to do
  28. Post Office fails; I pay
  29. HELP! Will they start a lawsuit/investigation?
  30. PayPal bank funding entrapment and manipulation - Class action!
  31. HELP! Need legal advice
  32. I need help!!
  33. Need advice before I act against paypal.
  34. simple solutions win battles
  35. need help asap uk court paypal got 7 days
  36. Why don't you all stop trolling?
  37. What happens if a seller deletes their PP account and then the buyer opens a dispute?
  38. Has anybody one a small claims law suit?
  39. Paypal helps cheaters
  40. Please read I need a answer
  41. Just a suggestion for those in the U.S EXPOSE THEM
  42. Hoping for some insight advice
  43. Has any 1 in this fourm sucessfuly sue paypal yet?
  44. Legal action be taken against me?
  45. Should I pay?
  46. CitiBank Sueing me
  47. $7500.00 PP Chargeback Dont Trust PP Chareback Help
  48. Dont Let Pay Pal Fight Your Chargebacks
  49. How I scammed paypal
  50. The law, Paypal and you.
  51. Question about paypal debt
  52. IGNORE/AVOID Geoff!!!
  53. Report Complaints to BBB!!!!
  54. eBay/Paypal Debt Collectors
  55. Serious Lawsuit / New York City
  56. Need people for class action suit
  57. another lawsuit
  58. Has anyone gotten their $$ back after the 180 day hold???
  59. Collection attempts after 6 years?
  60. How can I sue paypal?
  61. Any paypal experts here? got A PROBLEM !!
  62. Should I sue Paypal
  63. Paypal limited my account after 3 years of perfect spotless activity
  64. paypal locks down my 1400 dollars!
  65. if i dont pay paypal what happens
  66. Paypal made judgment on "he said/she said" without looking at evidence
  67. can paypal sue somebody in Turkey
  68. paypal suing me for nothing
  69. Paypal deleted my bank account, then re-added it as secondary.
  70. Is it my fault?
  71. PayPal Canada Debt- Will It Appear On My Canadian Credit Record?
  72. Negative balance, can I put fuck on it?
  73. Does paypal have the right to hold funds?
  74. How many times paypal tries to take funds from bank account?
  75. PayPal's request for dismissal on the basis of their "forum selection" clause DENIED
  76. PayPal DENIED
  77. Buyer Protection protecting seller. Who can help me?
  78. sold my first item and got screwed! Police wont help!
  79. Paypal Verifying
  80. where Do i go from here ?
  81. Money Transmitters License Revocation..NC
  82. Law firm looking to add to class action suit
  83. Need A Partner To Pay-pal
  84. PayPal w/Multiple accounts
  85. Need some assistance.
  86. won chargeback but not paypal dispute, can i sell the item?
  87. could i shaft paypal
  88. Where to Serve Paypal? Small Claims Suit
  89. NEW Class action Lawsuit against Paypal
  90. Need Legal Advice... PayPal's Collectors After Me. Please Help!!!
  91. I Have Just Finished a Pro Se Lawsuit Against PayPal and Ready to File
  92. PayPal took $4k from checking without my approval - need lawyer
  93. The Feds: Anyone Contact Them Yet?!?
  94. PAYPAL UK - I am suing them - follow my story
  95. Paypal held my money without even informing me?!? PLS read on!!! Can they do they?
  96. Is My Money Safe?
  97. New to the board
  98. scammed
  99. Ebay/pp debt
  100. Unverified account with money
  101. Validity of Paypal Debt?
  102. "standard collection activity" ?
  103. Chargeback problem
  104. ezLawsuits.com (Mehmet v. Paypal)
  105. Mehmet v. Paypal - I SUE PAYPAL .... for a living
  106. HELP !!! Paypal Rolling reserve + Fixed Reserve (Seeking for Legal Help)
  107. Negative -2000 Bucks. Old Address, old Info, Real Name and Cell
  108. Unbelievable PayPal nightmare story!!!
  109. INTRODUCTION: Our Law Firm Is Investigating a Class Action
  110. paypal dispute 5 YEARS later!
  111. -$319
  112. thats very nice of you
  113. Paypal limited my account with almost $500 in it.
  114. Confirm Location
  115. Help, -$344
  116. Attorney Settlement and 4 years Later...
  117. Can paypal take money from my card?
  118. I got a idea regarding paypal
  119. Closed Paypal- Disuptes/chargebacks still Possible?
  120. paypal called me
  121. Paypal Seller Protection?
  122. PayPal Negative Balance & Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  123. What can I do? They have charged my savings account?
  124. Scammed, Neg Balance Now what?
  125. Can I strat Ebay to earn online money?
  126. URGENT advice needed
  127. how to report paypal and ebay to any antitrust agency or something like that?
  128. Poland PayPal Problem
  129. [ask lawsuit] paypal - 8000$
  130. Want to close my acount, but it's limited
  131. Problem about money! NEED HELP
  132. Paypal SNAD claim.Received junk for 480$.Help!!!!!!
  133. Always the crook
  134. Being scammed
  135. Please help i will take ebay to court now at a drop of a hat
  136. 180 days to long to wait
  137. Deceptive Practices
  138. I got scammed and the scammer threaten to sue me WTF
  139. between a rock and a hard place
  140. identity thief uses Paypal for unauthorized withdrawal from my bank account
  141. eBay tampered with my account, do I have any recourse?
  142. what happens after 6 months
  143. Paypal small claims suit
  144. Any chance pf appeal?
  145. Got scammed for $5,000 and now liable for it with Paypal. Need HELP.
  146. Paypal/eBay Debt
  147. How to get back at PAYPAL with the Ombudsman
  148. Class Action Lawsuit
  149. Scammed by fraudulent buyer and now liable for 900
  150. Ebay responded to a BBB.org complaint
  151. paypal negative amount
  152. I won 1,380 damages in small claims court yesterday
  153. PayPal take my money
  154. 25 positive FB's or I am shut down
  155. Where is the money Paypal?
  156. Proof of shipping for virtual products
  157. Being charged with a felony, because of paypal!!!
  158. Need Advice. Won Paypal Seller Appeal but put into outside Collections
  159. paypal just makes things up
  160. Can paypal hurt my credit score?
  161. UK trading standards or UK ombudsman against Paypal
  162. Paypal debt onto NCO financial (canada)
  163. I want to sue Paypal
  164. Are test bank legal to sell on ebay?
  165. Please help!! negative balance 450 dollars
  166. I paid 2500$,but i could't get the item.
  167. Paypal will not refund $234-00
  168. [PayPal] Need help Negative Balance
  169. [Help] Fucked Up Big Trouble =/
  170. Paypal trying to censor what writers can write and what can be read!
  171. Paypal Revenge
  172. Sue PAYPAL
  173. ID theft led to paypal suspension will ebay follow?
  174. Paypal illegal took money of me
  175. help please
  176. Please help me, i'm 16 and in BIG trouble
  177. Uk small claims court
  178. Pending lawsuit against paypal
  179. Paypal forum selection clause
  180. Payapl safety you need to read this
  181. Taking Paypal to Small Claims Court
  182. Receipt for a payment sent as a gift???
  183. Paypal has pissed on me for the last time.
  184. Instant Bank Transfer Not Instant
  185. I'm in minus funds and I'm underage, need advice!
  186. Can eBay & Paypal Change The Terms of YOUR auction?
  187. PayPal wants me to returned the item not received for refund
  188. Who do I sue?
  189. How would I sue a buyer?
  190. Paypal is holding 70% of each transaction
  191. Any successful suits?
  192. Ebay paypal dispute
  193. Address to serve paypal small claims suit
  194. eBay allowing fraud buyers - stole my monety
  195. Could ebay send me to collection /affect my credit history?
  196. Will PayPal pursue me.
  197. -$27000
  198. 20k minus
  199. Let's bring down PayPal!
  200. Paypal sucks Fraud
  201. PayPal take my money
  202. I was fooled by ebay buyer
  203. Advice on Suing Paypal
  204. Paypal seller protection for "Virtual Service, Intangible Goods "? 20k+ sales
  205. My threat scared paypal to return funds
  206. I want to join class action law suit
  207. transaction was fraudulent claimed on item that was picked up
  208. PayPal stole my $57,000 - I want to sue
  209. Paypal called police!
  210. 1999 paypal account suspended any recourse?
  211. hello I need some advice
  212. Yes.
  213. watch out for bill me later
  214. !!!friends read this!!! Paypal tos
  215. Is there a statute of limitations?
  216. PayPal CC sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
  217. Help please!
  218. In the process of suing paypal
  219. Why isn't Ebay and Paypal's criminal acts all over the news???
  220. class action lawsuit needed for hold on funds
  221. attorney
  222. Help needed.
  223. Paypal negative balance email
  224. breach of contract on paypals behalf
  225. ebay & paypal
  226. Paypal & plant or dried plant companies
  227. currency rates fraud
  228. Paypal opened account for my son without ever asking his age..he's 14!
  229. ebay refund with negative paypal?
  230. How do I stop a chargeback?
  231. product not guaranteed or money returned
  232. Chargeback after a cancel from my buyer
  233. Account Closed without asking, accepting or even LOOKING at evidence!
  234. My Visa Debit card payments are declined by sites/companies which also use PayPal
  235. paypals illegal ways of screwing people
  236. Negative $1200 Account
  237. I have sent every document requested, still limited
  238. Harassment by E-Bay for monies I don't owe
  239. Total fraud, false advertising!!!
  240. Looking for class action lawsuit against Paypal
  241. Sueing Paypal
  242. Holding refund for up to 30 days
  243. ebay and paypal profit from crime.
  244. Small claims
  245. PayPal refunded money I received from eBay selling
  246. PayPal customer service representative even hung up on me
  247. Misinformed, Paypal takes no responsibility
  248. limited because I am too Old (87 years)
  249. Legal standing on email
  250. Multiple Paypal Chargebacks $6,000