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  1. Put on hold and disconnected
  2. Paypal says call eBay, eBay says talk to paypal
  3. arrogant assholes
  4. Talk about monopoly
  5. cant find phone number to call
  6. Beware Paypal uses call center in philipines
  7. Is paypal for you?
  8. 4 years and counting
  9. deluded morons at PP
  10. run-Around world cup winner; Paypal
  11. run-around follow up
  12. Sarah needs a punch in the face
  13. Paypals inaccurate website is misleading
  14. paypal dont give a shit
  15. Can PayPal really do this sh*t?
  16. Burn in Hell Paypal
  17. Pick up the phone and talk to me!
  18. CSR accused my family of stealing
  19. Poor PayPal Service
  20. Awful and useless
  21. help to withdraw funds
  22. Everything is so complicated with Paypal.
  23. Bad service should not be a surprise with Paypal
  24. Paypal Customer Service Complaints
  25. Paypal sides with scamming buyer, I'm out $300
  26. Paypal State of Mind
  27. PP said it was free to buy but charge $1.00
  28. Paypal postal address
  29. i need answer
  30. Paypal Customer Service Option
  31. Provide nothing but headache
  32. PP ph # that is answered right away
  33. Paypal problem help
  34. There are no solutions for most PayPal problems
  35. Paypal Customer Service is a Joke
  36. A Paypal Telephone Assistant gave me incorrect information and now I'm out of pocket
  37. PAYPAL ACCOUNT LIMITED my ACCOUNT for no reason....1600 on hold
  38. Is paypal's site down for anyone here?
  39. Can't get a hold of PayPal
  40. Account limited for no reason
  41. Can't open a depute for item not received after a year - HELP!
  42. Paypal customer disservice
  43. PayPal fails worldwide
  44. Paypal charges higher amount than seller's confirmed invoice
  45. 5 hours on hold
  46. confirmation
  47. quality service, ha
  48. service reps just don't care
  49. How to contact PayPal?
  50. Paypal is not helping me close my account
  51. I made a mistake but Paypal is no help
  52. Horrible lack of customer support
  53. Customer Service telling me to "Fix the Problem Myself"
  54. I have had it with large companies and their greed.
  55. What should I do about what Paypal did
  56. Liar liar paypal rep on fire
  57. Pay pal closed my account when I got upset with them
  58. 12 yers and now they "need" my SSN but won't say why
  59. Paypal said its My problem I didn't receive what I paid for
  60. PayPal is going after active service member
  61. They will not return my emails
  62. Cannot join Paypal
  63. Cant access account
  64. hacked and limited while paypal "investigates"
  65. Holding my cc info despite account being closed
  66. Paypal are behaving like an angry bull
  67. Paypal changing ruling
  68. Supervisor: I guess we have to train our employee's better!
  69. fraud on ebay, paypal...do they care? HAH!
  70. reps full of crap and lies
  71. Paid over 20k to paypal and they can't even reply to my email
  72. Customer Service Phone number
  73. Paypal said" "We seemed to have dropped the ball here" but did not help me
  74. PayPal Limited Account Over 200 Days But Won't Let Me Add New Bank Info
  75. Convincing PayPal I was a fraud victim... any advice?
  76. Paypal lack of CSR & Lack of resolving Identity Theft issues
  77. No help online or via phone, now what?
  78. Money sent as gift held
  79. Smart Connect is crap
  80. getting problem resolved about credit card
  81. customer service is a slave company?
  82. Paypal is rejecting my debit card
  83. Charge multiple times for shipping labels but no one can help me with refund
  84. Ebay customer support is just as bad as Paypal
  85. Refused to deposit my money in to my verified bank account
  86. Smartass phone reps don't give a crap!
  87. PayPal's Auto Response Software is NO good
  88. paypal specialist working at 1:30 am, I think not
  89. Paypal goes after people who aren't even their customers
  90. paypal can do nothing for sellers
  91. unauthorized currency conversion
  92. Unable to pay seller
  93. can't log in at all!!!!!
  94. Won't fix their own mistakes
  95. Can't get a hold of PayPal
  96. Customer support is too expensive to call
  97. Paypal's "system" got it wrong
  98. Horrible mistakes!
  99. Paypal and Ebay are no help
  100. Bootleg goods
  101. paypal have been takin 120 dollars
  102. where is my money gone
  103. Paypal don't contact me back
  104. turbo option can't be fixed by Paypal
  105. told funds would be released instead bank account overdrew
  106. they don't even pretend to care when you call.
  107. Scammed by telecommtech
  108. Stolen debit card number used
  109. contacting paypal its like going thru a maze
  110. tire problem
  111. Ebay phone number here
  112. I was charged nine times for one item through Paypal
  113. Paypal charged my bank account but has no record of it
  114. Automated email hell
  115. How in the world can I get my money back?
  116. Forced to use Paypal in a language I don't understand
  117. PayPal charged me without a warning.
  118. PayPal called ME dishonest lol
  119. I can't get a real human to speak to
  120. How do i convert my income value on paypal from USD to Euros?
  121. How to Speak to a Person
  122. Thick Accent Customer Service Rep
  123. Do Yo Think Paypal Will Stop Outsourcing Its Customer Service?
  124. Never got what I paid for or any help by paypal
  125. How is PayPal allowed to be so bad??
  126. Customer Service Experience and a Piece of Advice to Everyone
  127. Still waiting for an email...
  128. So tired of their bad service
  129. PayPal Hotline Tries To Pitch You Other Goods/Services When You're Calling For Help
  130. Paypal not accepting my VISA
  131. Fraud department is a FRAUD
  132. Calling paypal made everything worse
  133. Paypal won't let me change my name to my maiden name
  134. I can't add a debit account. Help!
  135. My experience.
  136. Shipping Label service is crap and so is customer service
  137. Hours wasted trying to contact payPal
  138. Work Smarter, Not Harder. Calm. Still.
  139. Paypal does not have an online chat option?
  140. Victim of the Patriot Act?
  141. Was told " Sellers never win"
  142. No help from Paypal with unauthorized charge
  143. How to create echeck account type in paypal sandbox account?
  144. trying to cancel account, PayPal won't let me
  145. Put on hold FOREVER
  146. Paypal provides no explanation
  147. Tires of speaking to India
  148. On hold..then on hold again..still no answer
  149. Can't change credit card linked
  150. Paypal clearly doesn't care about their users
  151. Paypal debited with charge back
  152. Paypal can't get a simple email address right
  153. NSF charges from bank
  154. PayPal Limitation
  155. Problems from the beginning with PayPal account.
  156. unable to pay for something
  157. why I can't pay with paypal
  158. upclick prpblem
  159. PayPal can't help with simple request
  160. If I were God, there be Hell to pay.
  161. my account is missing from paypal
  162. Rejected for dispute
  163. 15-20 years to get a new password from Paypal
  164. screwed by paypal
  165. Paypal BLOCKS limited users from contacting them!
  166. How do I get my money released?
  167. Why do they get to keep half of my money??
  168. Generic unhelpful emails are all Paypal has to offer
  169. paypal is not
  170. Where to claim charge by their bugy site ?
  171. Resolution Case History Unavailable?
  172. Paypal NEVER send me e-mail and quickly closed my case
  173. I received an empty box from seller...
  174. Fictitious debt on Paypal that increases every day
  175. PayPal helped Sammydress in China steal my money
  176. Paypal customer service might actually be retarded
  177. PP-CS eats the ass out of dead people.
  178. PP won't refund my money until I get tracking information to a fake address
  179. Paypal's failure to provide the contracted service they purport to offer
  180. Paypal's pathetic customer service