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  60. http://www.rateebay.com/
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  65. need help !!!!!!!
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  75. Ebay account
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  78. Ebay account
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  82. E-Bay New underground Mofia of the century
  83. Ebay scam?Check this image to see that is definitely a SCAM!!!At last PROOF from MOZI
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  100. Ebay
  101. Ebay
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  105. i want them all three!!
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  118. Wow!!
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  122. Best way to use eBay is not to bid on anything!
  123. I just won a car on ebay for $0.01.... do you think I will actually get it?
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  129. your account
  130. shill bidders
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  132. looking for ebay seller to sale with me
  133. Ebay AUS asking phone verification to confirm identity
  134. sue ebay for everything they've got
  135. Crazy shit
  136. Suspended & Ebay Illegally trying to Collect a debt via Bankruptcy
  137. Paypal and eBay is like pizza and beer; GREAT!
  138. anyone have an ebay with 5k+ feedback for sale?
  139. restricted my account but I cant close it
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  145. Limitations imposed no reason
  146. What should be my next move?
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  159. Suspended because of buyer's extracurricular activities
  160. I no more have my eBay account
  161. Frozen funds are delaying my shipping
  162. 10% rr
  163. Now what?
  164. Ebay ruined me fr 12000$ suspended my account not refunding money of purchase dispute
  165. suspended paypal=suspended ebay??
  166. ebay and paypal is very unfair
  167. ebay suspended
  168. Suspend eBay for Fraud
  169. Ebay screws up my account then wants their fee's
  170. Shut down by eBay for not offering Free shipping
  171. ebay told me to ship and later changed their story
  172. What did I do wrong?
  173. no paypal no ebay
  174. First Paypal then ebay suspension.
  175. 12500 on hold and can't sell on eBay
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  178. MC999 unusual selling activity question
  179. eBay suspension
  180. eBay removed my listing
  181. ebay/paypal takes their fees but I get no money
  182. 100% positive feedback account suspended
  183. Accused of duplicate listings
  184. Advice?: eBay Pay as Guest CC payments not working
  185. Dispute resolved ebay store still closed
  186. They kept changing the rules
  187. star ratings in my shipping speed category lead to suspension
  188. Can't sell on ebay anymore
  189. Can't get restrictions lifted
  190. Fed up with being mistreated
  191. fuck ebay
  192. Customer service/ postage problems
  193. "No refund" means nothing to ebay
  194. Will Paypal REIMBURSE ME IF...
  195. Suspended from ebay and locked out of PayPal
  196. Ebay's policy; "all deposits on car sales are non refundable" NOT TRUE
  197. is this true? About ebay holding funds
  198. Ebay said I have another account, but it's not mine
  199. Buyer didn't use postal insurance instead filed claim
  200. Ebay ruled in my favor, buyer still got money back
  201. Removing Paypal from Ebay payment methods
  202. Ebay problem/chargeback
  203. nikon camera bag never arrived from eBay purchase
  204. eBay's Trust & Safety Dept - Listing Removals
  205. no protection for Sellers
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  208. Frozen negative account affect for household
  209. can't buy on ebay with paypal
  210. Never got what I paid for on eBay
  211. ebay is removing my listings
  212. ebay allow scamming sellers to sell but banned me
  213. one-year punishment for low feedback
  214. returned item bought on ebay but never got refund
  215. EBay supports and encourages fraudulent claims by Buyers
  216. 21 day hold on a long time user
  217. New Facebook Page
  218. What is happening to eBay?
  219. My ebay account was hacked and stolen from me
  220. Paypal and eBay are holding my money
  221. Ebay's rating system is flawed BIG TIME
  222. restricted but not allowed to close account
  223. need my ebay selling "privileges" re-instated
  224. Paypal acct. Limited, the way i got funds released in 2 days!!!!
  225. No paypal no ebay and no reasoning with them
  226. Not Neg. Feedback because buyer did not read description
  227. Need advice on protecting myself
  228. Restricted indefinitely from selling
  229. Ebay reversed sale AFTER delivery
  230. ebay is so bogus
  231. Competing Seller threw me under the bus
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  233. final value fees are just too much
  234. Terminated indefinitely from eBay
  235. Ebay is screwing with me
  236. Question about negative feedback...
  237. Ebay Will Not Allow Me To Send Packages To My Fathers House
  238. EBay is making me responsible for the US mail service
  239. Ebay glitch and I get punished
  240. Suspended because of a bogus whistleblower
  241. Scammed & Banned from Ebay
  242. Ready to get back on ebay
  243. banned from ebay because paypal banned me
  244. Shut down, First ebay then Paypal
  245. eBay put my account in negative
  246. eBay is so full of Bullcrap, suspended for made up reason
  247. How do I get back suspended accounts with feedback?
  248. I want my money back!
  249. How eBay is part of the scam!
  250. some of what been happening to me :-(