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Originally Posted by hudajuda View Post
I work at PayPal in the fraud department. We do the best we can to try and prevent people from getting ripped off but sometimes people are just careless and hen we get blamed. Sometimes we have to limit accounts if activity looks suspicious but if you are being honest then you should be able to provide us with the documentation we require. The limitations we put on accounts are not done just for fun. PayPal is risking its own money in these transactions. If say you are selling a Rolex for $5k and have no history of sales and have entered no tracking number, why should we believe you are honest? Because you know how to use a computer? We don't know you. If the item does not get delivered PP has to pay not the thief. The most we can hope is to get the money back through a collection agency and with a suspicious ID that is pretty much impossible. The limitations are the only way PP can protect itself or the buyers. And some buyers are just plain stupid. I had an account today buying concert tickets on Craig's list from someone she did not know who had just opened a new account and was withdrawing the money right away. Maybe the seller is honest but should I let the seller withdraw the money? Would you? Of course I limited the account. We need some proof these items are getting delivered.
hudajuda - expliain this. i "was" a successful seller of rare/ mint/ antique vinyl records. one chap purchased 2 records from me. He made me wait over 4 weeks for payment, he was rude and he kept demanding discounts via email even though i had already given him a very low price (multiple ourchases) and i also offered him free delivery on the second item of my own kind will, but from that point he must of thought i was weak and persistantly emailed me and even suggested several times that the records may be damaged before i had even posted them and he asked me what i would do if the records were to arrive damaged. i assured him the records were new, would be shipped in protective envelopes and i pointed out my 100% seller rating & 100+ positive comments from my very happy vinyl customers. he eventually paid up and i posted the items. Within a few days he raised a case (without contacting me despite loads of previous emails) complianing that both record sleeves & records were heavily soiled and upon playing the records there was loud white noise. These records were from the 1970's and in absolute mint condition which as a seller i pride myself on. i was fairly new to ebay and as i have been a customer care manager for most of my life i made the biggest mistake of my life and chose paypal to resolve the issue for me thinking that they would see the light. Paypal strangely refunded the customer. my arguememt was that if i had recieved records, a shirt or any item that was soiled i would not play or use the item before claiming a refund. the value of theses 70's rare records is that they are in mint unplayed condition, the customer is a collector & knew this. Paypal refunded the customer 30+, it cost me over 10 to ship the items to Russia (plus packaging) and i recieved the records back scratched and smeared in what looked like shit (customer proberbly swopped them for used records he picked up somewhere). These items were in sealed protective mailers and no way they could of got stained like that. i spent hours and money on the phone to paypal ( because i spent hours writing detailed emails of complaint which just bounce back and you have to write all the details again in the complaint box which just gets ignored). i offered paypal the customers previous emails as evidence and photos. as care manager i knew this customer would be trouble so i photographed the packaging of his items at every stage (from bubble wrap to putting his name & address on the package), but paypal chose to ignore this and laughed at me down the phone and basically told me i dont have a leg to stand on and there is nothing i can do apart from claim compensation. i filed for compensation and six months later i am yet to get a reply. I am 50+ out of pocket , i could not fulfill 2 orders as paypal suspended my account, never mind the time i have spent with this customer and liasing with paypal. Due to this i have lost my business and i am unable to trade on ebay. it wouldnt be so bad but i was made redundundant and i was house bound due to an operation & ill health hence turning to ebay to make a living. one customer & paypal destroyed me as this was my only income. to say the least i feel let down by paypal. And ironically i purchased a hair product though ebay which i have been using for years, it was clearly watered down/ not genuine as i know the real stuff. i raised a complaint and was not refunded on the grounds that the seller has had no previous complaints & i had opened the bottle??? even though the item was not sealed and i did not use it plus there was no way of telling if the stuff was real without taking the top off and smelling it! thanks paypal for favouring dodgy customers and fraudelant sellers while screwing over the geuine decent sellers/ customers. My 4 children will never be using paypal in their lifetimes and i am discouraging everybody i know or meet passionatley not to use paypal. thieves hiding behind screens - ive got more respect for muggers & burglers, and at least they just steal your things not your time.

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