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Originally Posted by hudajuda View Post
I work at PayPal in the fraud department. We do the best we can to try and prevent people from getting ripped off but sometimes people are just careless and hen we get blamed. Sometimes we have to limit accounts if activity looks suspicious but if you are being honest then you should be able to provide us with the documentation we require. The limitations we put on accounts are not done just for fun. PayPal is risking its own money in these transactions. If say you are selling a Rolex for $5k and have no history of sales and have entered no tracking number, why should we believe you are honest? Because you know how to use a computer? We don't know you. If the item does not get delivered PP has to pay not the thief. The most we can hope is to get the money back through a collection agency and with a suspicious ID that is pretty much impossible. The limitations are the only way PP can protect itself or the buyers. And some buyers are just plain stupid. I had an account today buying concert tickets on Craig's list from someone she did not know who had just opened a new account and was withdrawing the money right away. Maybe the seller is honest but should I let the seller withdraw the money? Would you? Of course I limited the account. We need some proof these items are getting delivered.
Its a shame that as a seller, you provide USPS tracking the buyer got it and yet you still side with the buyer 99% of the time? You put on a fake front when your a buyer, but once your a seller, you really see how PayPal works... Who are you kidding?

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