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No Justifiable Cause
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Paypal Is Out Of Control
unable To Close Paypal Account
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My Account Shut And Locked
Paypal Opened Account For Me
Busted By Ebay For Selling Fake Iphones
Paypal No Seller Protection
Paypal Holding Money Hostage
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Legit Email Or Not
Forever Profiting On Our Interest
Paypal Vague Lame Reasoning
Use A Paypal Alternative
Now My Account Is Negative
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Take Security Before Buying
Paypal Is One Lousy Outfit
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Harassing An Innocent Bystander
Paypal Kiss Our Damn Ass
Scammed By Selling Items Via Paypal
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Paypal Means Fraudulent Company
Ripped Off By Paypal
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Paypal Overdrew My Account
The End Of My Paypal Account
Brand New Item Disputed
Ebay Nickels And Dimes You
Working Directly With The Seller
Paypal Is Unfair And Unethical
Unauthorized Use Of My Bank Account
The Wait For Money Is Horrific
Example Of No Seller Protection
Paypal Causes A Viscious Cycle
I Used To Work For Paypal
Paypal Tractor Dispute
You Are Nuts To Use Paypal
Trying To Screw Paypal
Suspended For No Standards
Paypal Sent Me To Collections
Boycott Paypal And Ebay
Locked Without Reason
Paypal Is Egregious And Corrupt
Placed On Permanent Limitation
Forced To Refund Customers
Higher Than Average Risk
Fraud From The Sellers Point Of View
Made A Sale Account Closed
Funds On Hold Causing Overdraft Charge
Paypal Screws Americans As Well As Our Economy
So Much For Buyers Protection Buyer Beware
Ordered To Ship Items Without Receiving My Money
Account Frozen Without Warning
PayPals Dispute Process Is Unfair And Unconstitutional
Use Caution When Giving Social Security Number To PayPal
Victim of Paypal Fraud
Refund Horror
Holding Funds For Ridiculous Reason
Will Never Do Business With PayPal Again
They Wont Give Me My Money
Frozen Account Ends Up With Zero Balance
Funds Missing From Premier Account
Charged For Transaction That Never Happened
eBay Lets Buyer Keep Verizon Phone and Money
Paypal Requesting University Enrollment Confirmation
PayPal Hell
PayPal Treats Victims Like Criminals
PayPal Is Borrowing My Money
Locked Out Of My Account
PayPal Gets Money I have to Wait
Where Do I Begin
Account Frozen For 90 Days
Police Can Not Help
PayPal Rep Lied To Us
Getting The Run Around
Keep Bank Information Private
I Had PROOF And Paypal Did Not Accept It
Closed My Account
Limited Without Any Rhyme Or Reason
Issued Refund Without Verifying Return
Waiting Over Seven Months For My Money
Not Getting Money For Bass Guitar Sold On eBay
Can Not Close Paypal Account
Minor Issue Major Problem
Unfroze Account For 20 Minutes
Account Suddenly Frozen
Do Not Link Checking Account To Paypal
PayPal Chose The Wrong Side
PayPal Aiding And Abiding A Fellon
They Will Never Get It
Should I Use Paypal
Entire Family Shut Down
Customer Service Runaround
Became Top Rated And Locked Out
Out Of Luck With GiftCards
I Am Filing Suit
PayPal Is Trying To Trick Me
Looking For Payment Processor
PayPal Has MY $11000
Minor With Major Issue
Frozen Account Hours After First Sale
Somethings Fishy About PayPal
Shut Down For Too Many Sales
Useless Customer Service
Screwed Selling Silver Dollars On eBay
Bullies Cheats and Liars
Account Is Locked
PayPal Takes Advantage Of Honest Mistake
PayPal Rules In Favor Of Illegal Bootlegs
You Never Know With Paypal
Incompetence Beyond Belief
Sold Gold On eBay Got Screwed
PayPal Support Thieves
Funds On Hold For Inconsistencies
Overall Horrible
It Does Not Get More Messed Up Then This
Got So Screwed
Runaround By PayPal
PayPal Account Blocked
No Help From Paypal
Buyer Disputes Charge
Nothing But Problems
Converting Currency For No Reason
Thought This Will Not Happen To Me
Funds Frozen For 180 Days
I Paid For PayPal Mixup
Stole Back My Money
Fed Up
No Protection As A Seller
Guilty By Association
So Many Ways To Get Screwed
PayPal Is Playing With My Money
Chargeback Nightmare
I Made Too Much Money
PayPal Act Like Interpol
PayPal Aids In Theft
I Urge You To Cancel
PayPal Said Stop Calling Us
Paypal CSR Screwed Me
Accused Of Selling Fake Ukulele
Account Limited For No reason
Tricked Trying To Buy Double Pram Stroller
Regret Doing Business With PayPal
PayPal Is Holding My Money
It Is Crap And It Stinks
My Money Is Being Held Hostage
$19000 Frozen And Kids Taken Away
Unfounded Complaint Froze Account
Refund Issued But Not Receiving It
Wake Up People
Paypal Said Phishing Email Is From Them
PayPal Keep Freezing My Accounts
Selling Cell Phones On ebay
PayPal Goes After Charity
Never A Chance To Explain
Can Not Use Or Close Account
No More PayPal
Paypal Is Nothing But Problems
Shipping Label Extortion
Banned For Reselling Items eBay Sold Me
PayPal And eBay Drained Me
PayPal Seller Protection LOL
PayPal And eBay Withholding Funds
Misled By Paypal
PayPal Double Charged Me
PayPal Survey
Shipped Product Funds Held
Bad Paypal and eBay Experience
Screwed By Paypal
Subscription Ripoff
Sold iPhone On eBay Never Got Paid
PayPal Refuse To Close My Account
eBay Bucks Scam
Harassed Over Negative Balance
The PayPal Runaround
Permanently Limited
6 Months Of Going Back And Forth
Stopped Payment Problem
PayPal Customer Disservise
PayPal Statement Problems
Canceled Payment Creates Big Problem
PayPal Tried To Hold Customer Refund
Do Not Know Why Account Was Blocked
Golf Clubs On eBay
Email To Attorney General
ChargeBack Done By Buyer
Paypal Reverse Payments
Tracking Number Not Good Enough
PayPal Is A Traitor Of USA
Is PayPal Holding My Funds Forever
PayPal Keeps Locking My Account
Buyers Claimed Item Was Fake
10 Years With PayPal And Got Limited
Buyers Get Screwed Too
Bike Frame Biz Shut Down By PayPal
Shut Down By PayPal And eBay
You Can Sell But You Can Not Have Your Money
Made Too Much Money
I Want To Sue PayPal
PayPal Concerns
PayPal Screwed Me Bad
My Money Is Being Held By PayPal
Account Limited With No Appeal
Can Not Open Claim With Paypal
PayPal Is So Shady
You Never Win With Paypal
PayPal Shut Down My Business
How To Close PayPal Account Of Deceased
My Paypal Story
Sold Brand New Sewing Machines On eBay
eBay Sent Wrong Address Lable
PayPal Money Transfer
UK PayPal Account Limited
Bill Me Later With PayPal
PayPal Problem
Sold Cell Phones On eBay
PayPal Is Causing A Lot Of Stress
I Hate PayPal
PayPal Scammed Me
PayPal Is Preventing Me From Using Them
PayPal Is Holding Refund
Unhappy Paypal Seller
Why Is PayPal Holding Payment After A Sale
I Can Not Get My Money From PayPal
Paypal Stole My Refund
Seller Scamming Buyers Under Two Names
No Longer Using Paypal
Paypal Limited And Terminated My Account
Quick To Charge Slow On Refund
Learn From My Mistakes
Paypal Is Holding Donations I Collected
Account Closed And No Appeal Can Be Made
Paypal Account Frozen After 2 Years
New Account Frozen Forever
Paypal Promised To Help But Screwed Me Over
PayPal Took Money Out Of My Checking Account
PayPal Is Sending Me To Collections
Suspended By Paypal
PayPal Is A Dictatorship
Sold Gaming Console On eBay But Never Got Paid
I Tried To Do The Right Thing
Paypal And The IRS
Proof Paypal Supports Fraud
I Can Not File Appeal
Sold Diamond Bracelet And Got Taken
Paypal Made My Account Dormant
Paypal Helped Buyer Steal Car
Paypal Pulled Funds Out Of My Bank Account
Paypal Says I am Too Risky
Problem In 2008 Still Haunting Me
Paypal Helps Power Sellers Commit Fraud
Paypal Reversed Payment And Limited Account
Suspended From eBay For Selling Angry Birds Products
No More Paypal For Me
Got My Paypal Account Hacked
Got Paid With Stolen Credit Card
Accused Of Copyright Violations
Paypal Locked My Account And Demanded Money
Helpless When Using Paypal
I Can Not Use Or Close My Account
Paypal Ruled In Buyers Favor
It Is Wrong Of Paypal To Hold Funds
Sold Surfboard For Local Pickup Only
Electronic Notification Scam