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NoPayPal Links page!

If you have a page that details your problems with PayPal/X, provide a link back to us at or, let us know, and we'll provide a link back to your page (see below).

PayPal's contact information is on the FAQs page.

Fraud Prevention Sites/Pages (A must read for every internet user!) Legal Assistance - Filing reports here might help your case, but don't expect a fast resolution. Fraud Tracking/Reporting - Report fraud and scams to help others avoid the same problems. Other Quality Sites about PayPal Abuses (If you put up a site detailing your problems with PayPal, send me an email using the contact page with your url and I'll consider adding it here. The most important thing is to detail your issues, state them with facts, results, email exchanges, tape recordings, etc. Tell people what PayPal did to you, how it effected your life, and what you'd like to see happen to resolve the problem.) Class Action Lawsuit Against PayPal Information:

The site is Also see this thread for a recent news and the settlement website for more information. There are no other legitimate class action lawsuits against PayPal, although there are sites that suggest otherwise. (Note: This case is over. PayPal pays $9.2 million, the lawyers take $5 million, most users get a few dollars, some users will get back substantial amounts of money to cover losses. From a financial viewpoint, not the best win. However, PayPal has agreed in writing to make some key fundamental changes, and if they don't honor the settlement agreement, they are dead meat for any attorney worth his or her salt.)

Other "Sucks Sites" that deserve attention
  • Definitely a site you want to visit if you are looking for alternatives to PayPal. This person has done a fantastic job at documenting the suspicions behind greenzap. I wouldn't touch greenzap with 40 foot pole, and have started a thread here.

  • Traffic Power Sucks Here's a site every webmaster should be aware of. If you get those people who call you on the phone trying to get you to sign up for their service to promote your website, be warned, some of them will not only take your money, but get you banned from the search engines!

  • Rebel101 doesn't have anything to do with PayPal, but it is a great site to learn about fighting for your rights. I'm very impressed with his (Paul Bezaire) efforts, and I think most people will learn a lot there. Highly recommended.


  • PissOnEbay, pretty much self-explanatory.

  • AmexSux, American Express Sucks

  • EZ Rent List Sucks, one of those pay to rent lists that offers out of date data.

  • UPS Sucks, United Package Smashers. ;-)

  • Verizon's Pathetic. People not happy with their Verizon service.

  • Microsoft. Who hasn't cussed out their windows machine?

  • KB Home Sucks. Cracked walls? Ouch!

  • Allstate Insurance. Who hasn't had a problem with an insurance company?

  • Walmart Blows.

  • Farmers Insurance Sucks Another insurance company with unhappy customers.

  •! (Warning: Some may find some of the posts offensive.)

  •! Before you use Intgold, you should check out this site.

Domain Name Issues

See the Domain Name Dispute Page.


  • - A good place for merchants to learn about the scammers and what can be done about the. Lists of bogus cards and scammers and telephone numbers you can use to help verify a card before you send the merchandise. (You must be an online merchant to join.)
Media Attention
Note: I quit tracking media reports on PayPal for 2 reasons:
  1. There are so many
  2. They take the articles down after a short period of time.

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