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Thread: USPS Mail Fraud Claims
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 USPS Mail Fraud Claims
Sent: 03-11-2009 08:12

I have had two transaction now where the claimant tells paypal they got something "significanly different" than what I shipped, or that the merchandise was "Significantly not as described" The first case was a guy who bought a vintage sparkplug from the 1920's. It was very rare, listed AS IS, and no return was given. His reasoning for the request for return ? IT WOULD NOT WORK IN HIS NEW CAR. Paypal sided with him. Since it was my first time with a claimant like this, I paid him back, and even paid for shipping. The current situation involved a buyer from Florida who bought two walkie talkies,m then claimed they got an "English Power Transformer". I escaleted it to a claim, paypal held the money, did no investigation, and decided on behalf of the buyer. I just contacted USPS fraud division to start an investigation. Hopefully, they will go to the buyrer's home and VISIT HIM. I called paypal and got a supervisor, twice, and the mantra is the same - "We do an investigation, but we don't actually contact anyone". I asked paypal what would happen if the buyer sent back what they claimed to have not recieved, and thier response was..........NOTHING! SO, you can make a false claim, profit from it, commit mail fraud,...and nothing will happen to you !! When I asked the supervisor what could be done to protect me as a seller, she had no input. Any suggestions, anyone??????????




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