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Thread: Citicards are the most incompetent and dishonest company ever
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 Citicards are the most incompetent and dishonest company ever
Sent: 03-06-2009 04:06

I applied for a Citicards account last year, because there was a good deal on the "headline" interest rate - zero percent for 9 months. I transferred another card balance to take advantage of this. Citicards never sent out the first statement, so I didn't know when/how much to pay off forthe month. When the second statement arrived, I found they were unilaterally charging a penal rate of interest, and the interest free promotion was cancelled, plus there was a penalty for "missing" a payment that they deliberately didn't tell me about. Have you tried talking to anybody in their Mumbai (Bombay) call centre? Don't. Just don't have anything to do with anybody at Citibank. All the telephonists tell different stories - they all lie anyway, and do not do what they promise. They are the most dishonest organisation on the planet (apart from Mr Madoff's). I look forward to the day when Citi's share price drops to zero and the company is declareed insolvent and wound up.




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