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Thread: Paypal employees ... orly?
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 Paypal employees ... orly?
Sent: 02-24-2009 20:45

Just looking around a bit, and I've noticed something weird.

Apparently, paypal hires people that are experienced in banking? People with high status, intelligent people. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, after all I'm just looking for some comments on my opinion.

If the people here that apparently work or has worked for paypal type like this, then that means a bright 8 year old could get the job. Maybe the average 10 year old as well. I've seen a LOT of 'employees' or 'ex-employees' with the grammar of an elementary schooler. Come on, are you seriously expecting people to believe that you can actually get a job like that? talkin liek dis n have such gud grammer, u r teh pwnzors. They don't even explain things right, especially the person that made the thread "I work for PeePee PAY YOUR FEES NOW", I seriously love how that guy types. Makes my day. Can they even tell the difference between your and you're?

I don't know, maybe I'm just a grammar freak. But then again, it is paypal.




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