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Thread: PayPal Issue - Need PayPal for School Project
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 PayPal Issue - Need PayPal for School Project
Sent: 02-05-2009 12:16

I'm trying to do my graduation project and I need donations for the project. I am building a machine and the designer of the machine and some other guys offered to donate some money to the project. They asked me what my email address was so they could deposit money into my paypal account that is linked to the address. I don't have a paypal account though.

Would I be at risk opening a PayPal account if I:
Never make a purchase with the account.
Only have people make deposits into my account.

My account number is never given out, no one can steal my information.
I make no purchases so the only one who has my info ever is me.
The worst that can happen is someone who made a donation says it was fraudulent, therefore my account freezes and I lose the donation....but I never had any of my own money at risk because the only money in the account is donations.

Am I at risk in any other way? How can I get in trouble if I never use the account. No one can just pull my account number out of thin air if I make absolutely no purchases with it. Correct me if I'm wrong.




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