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Thread: A real alternative to paypal?
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 A real alternative to paypal?
Sent: 03-10-2009 18:56


I have used alertpay in the past and they gave me a good service. I used Stormpay 4 or 5 years ago and they ended up scamming me.


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 A real alternative to paypal?
Sent: 11-20-2008 11:05

Many people on this site post stories of the problems they have had with PayPal, but as convincing as they are, there don't seem to be any realistic alternatives. I use the word realistic because people, including the administrators of this site, often suggest merchant accounts as an alternative, but a merchant account generally costs hundreds of dollars to apply for, one need numerous industry references , which a new business almost by definition would not have, one needs a reasonably accurate estimate of monthly volume same problem, and there is a good chance the application will be rejected. So a person considering PayPal may well not be able to get a merchant account at all no matter who much they want one.

People also suggest other online payment companies that have fewer features and are available in fewer countries than PayPal for example how many companies are there that allow subscription / recurring payments, whose services are available in Canada, that do not require anything from a merchant besides basic contact information, and do not require the customers to register or jump through any hoops ?




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