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Thread: PayPal Toll Free Phone: (888) 221-1161
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 PayPal Toll Free Phone: (888) 221-1161
Sent: 02-17-2002 13:19

P.O. Box 45950
Omaha, NE 68145
Toll Free Phone: (888) 221-1161
This year's nominees are listed online and fans can cast ballots to express the "People's Voice" in each category at The voting process is audited by accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Other awards won by PayPal can be viewed at

How did get nominated for a webby award
maybe we should write all these people and let them
know that should get a weenie award instead.

The Webby Awards
3515 - 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

The Webby Awards welcomes your feedback. Please carefully
review the options below, and send your message to the
appropriate address.

To Reach Tiffany Shlain:
If you would like to reach Tiffany Shlain please email her at

To Reach Maya Draisin:
If you would like to reach Maya Draisin please email her

For general comments:
If you have general comments or feedback, please email

For technical problems:
If you want to report a broken link or technical
problems with our site, email

For Academy questions:
Maya Draisin
Executive Director of The Academy

David-Michel Davies
Deputy Director of The Academy

For press questions:
Patrick Kowalczyk
Michael Kaminer Public Relations

For Webby Award Event questions:
If you have questions regarding the Webby Awards ceremony,
or how to purchase tickets to the event, please

For Sponsor questions:

The Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") maintains an Internet website ( that contains the SAI, other material incorporated into this Prospectus by reference, and other information about the Fund. You can also copy and review this information at the SEC's Public Reference Room in Washington, D.C., or you can obtain copies, upon payment of a duplicating fee, by writing to the Public Reference Room of the SEC, Washington, D.C. 20549-0102 or by electronic request at the following e-mail address: You can obtain information on the operation of the Public Reference Room by calling the SEC at 1-202-942-8090.

P.O. Box 45950
Omaha, NE 68145-0950
(402) 935-7733

Investment Company Act file no.: 811-09381




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