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Thread: Has this happened to anybody else? How to deal with limitations?
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 Has this happened to anybody else? How to deal with limitations?
Sent: 03-07-2009 05:36

Last year, somebody hacked into my paypal account and as a result, I lost over 300 euros to someone living in the czech republic. When I discovered it, I freaked out - immediately lodged a complaint and got them to investigate the matter...and it seems after a few months (and i didn't get the money back by the way).

I removed all my bank cards and credit cards for fear of the same thing happening again and they put limitations on my account all in the name of investigating the matter.

Then I started receiving emails regarding the sending of documentation showing proof of my existence to unlock the limitations that they had made on my account and all in all, there are like 6 different types of documentation that i have to send ranging from credit card statements, tracking of purchases, receipts, bank account statements, utilities bills, passport) and i think this is an invasion of privacy. I told them that I had no intention of using their service ever again and then i got a reply saying that I had to send the documentation to remove the limitations so that they would be able to close the account for me.

Today i received another email reminding me to send the documentation and also saying that all other accounts linked to my name had limitations as well. To my knowledge, there should only be one other account with my name on it. An account i used with a credit card I had back in the day when I was in college, something that i do not even have anymore.

i emailed the person and told them that there was no way i was going to upload any personal information on the web and i had to speak to someone from their singapore site as soon as possible with regards to what was happening. They are really driving me crazy. I am starting to think that it was a bigger hassle to even report the matter in the first place, i didn't even get the money back!

Has this ever happened to anybody else? How do we deal with limitations?





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