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Thread: Lost $800 from Unauthorized Payment chargeback. What else to do?

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 Lost $800 from Unauthorized Payment chargeback. What else to do?
Sent: 03-05-2009 18:26


One thing you have to understand clearly, it doesnt matter how you shipped it or whatever you can prove. The second someone files a chargeback or ach dispute with their bank, the funds are instantly taken away from PayPal. In turn, PayPal screws over the recieptient of the funds, and steals the money. If you can prove everything, it doesnt matter. If PayPal is out the money and so is the seller. thats why you should always ship only when the funds are in your bank account.

400 feedbacks doesnt mean jack shxt. First off sellers cant leave negative feedback for buyers, so the feedback isnt worth jack! Second how do you know that person from a hole in the wall. If this person has 400 feedbacks, dont you think he knows how to get stuff for free. That buyer has been around long enough to know.

Make policies and stick to them.


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 Lost $800 from Unauthorized Payment chargeback. What else to do?
Sent: 02-27-2009 16:11


I sold three car navigation systems on eBay; two of which, the transactions completed flawlessly. The third, however, did not. It was shipped to an unconfirmed PayPal address (stupid, I know, but I didn't know that it would be an issue at the time; the buyer had 100% positive feedback and approximately 40 purchases). The item was insured and signature confirmation was used for the shipment. Shortly after I shipped, the buyer filed a chargeback, indicating "Unauthorized Payment." This was in October 2008 and I have officially lost the case, as of a couple of days ago. I provided proof of delivery, proof that I have a 100% positive feedback account(400+), and made note of my "Premier" PayPal account status. I filed a claim with the IC3, but it doesn't seem that anything will come to fruition from that. Does anyone else have any other recommendations for action that I can take to reclaim the item or funds? I have all of the buyer's information and the shipping destination.

Thank you



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