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Thread: Paypal gave customers back $13,000 +
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 Paypal gave customers back $13,000 +
Sent: 02-28-2009 08:46

IC Systems is the debt collector in my case... I was able to give them a cease and desist order over the phone, as well as ask for a debt request validation... They said they will give that info to paypal and they will get in touch with me... They also asked if it was ok that Paypal call me and I said yes.... only because i cant to hear what they actually have to say... The lady was actually quite nice and gave me no attitude whatsoever, I dont think she had any account details at all, all she had was a screen that said I owed them this amount of money.

We'll see where this goes.. Im going to continue using this forum to document the updates.


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 Paypal gave customers back $13,000 +
Sent: 02-25-2009 05:24

I was paying for paypal pro, where they were processing my credit card payments. And after going and looking back through alot of orders, not a single 1 that was paid for by credit card, where paypal processed the credit card, were EVER to a verified address.

Verified address only show up as verified if that customer has a paypal account.

**** paypal i no longer answer their collections calls, if they want their money back they are going to have to sue me for it. And we'll let the judge decide what is fair and what is not fair, iv already contacted a lawyer.

You can not process credit cards for everyone at the risk of hey all they gotta do is deny the charge and we will give them their money back. If thats the case whats to stop EVERYONE from just doing this?

These customers signed for the package they ordered.. They got the package.. They are theives. Let paypal go after them for their money.




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 Paypal gave customers back $13,000 +
Sent: 02-17-2009 17:57


First people have to wake up to reality and stop acting like a bunch of xxxx dummies.

You already know this already, but you know that with a persons credit card, they can easily file a chargeback against you for whatever reason whatsoever. Its your fault for not taking the necessary precautions for protecting yourself and you got nailed. So lets clearify things immediately!

1. Did you ship the product before or after the funds where in your bank account? If they were already in your bank account, then your paid for the item. So you have no ****ing to do whatsoever. You got paid for the items and you shipped it to the address that was told to you by PayPal.

2. If you did ship the item to the address PayPal told you, was it confirmed or not. If not then its 100% your own f'n fault, the liability and legally of loss of inventory and money is yours. You knew it was not verified and you then decided to ship it there. PayPal can sue you for it and win. If you did ship it to the confirmed address and you have tracking and signature required, then your fine. You proved you shipped it the address that was verified by PayPal. They cant touch you whatsoever.

According to the review, your problem isnt anything its more like PayPal's calling you about the money owed. They cant do anything whatsoever. PayPal was the one that legally charged the buyer's credit card not you, they are the ones that are liable for the chargebacks not you. They are trying to get you to pay for their loss.

First you should get a number that goes right to voicemail or email. So they stop calling you, we'd just say have your number changed and get it unlisted and unpublished. Second hopefully you didnt give them your home address if not then just get a new PO Box or address and walk away from it. If not then you have to go to our website and look at the sellers and buyers arena and look at the collection agency rules and procedures.

There are things they can do and there's things that are illegal. Most off all dont call them back, you'll just loss your temper and its just going to be your word vs them. They will harrassee you and get you to admit it was your fault. Just hang up the phone and get the number changed.

You have to get a dont call etc sent to them, they have to prove the debt is owed, which if you can prove it was sent to a confirmed address with tracking information and signature required, thats fine. the collection agency will give up because there's no way they can collect any funds legally, PayPal will sellit off to someone else and start combarding your email address with more stuff.

But for more info see our website. its all there and there shouldnt be anymore questions to be asked.


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 Paypal gave customers back $13,000 +
Sent: 02-13-2009 12:15

Starting in June I had a customer come to my site and start making purchases in the $1,000 range every week. In mid June another customer with a completely different address and info started placing orders in the similar dollar range but for different prodcuts, and then again in July a third customer started placing orders for $1,000 a week.. This was not completely out of the ordinary i sell some high dollar items so there was no red flags... I even had 1 of the customers email me asking where there order was they normally recieve it the following Monday but due to the time the order was placed he did not get the package untill Tuesday.

Fast forward to September, and all of a sudden I start getting charge backs from the first customer... Who by the way also tried placing an order that day... After contacting the customer he says it must of been his wife it was a huge mistake please ship the products anyway, and that he'll pay again right now. I tell him no, and to call his credit card company and get this situation straightend out. I never hear anything back from him and the charge backs start rolling in... Then the charge backs from the other 2 customer start rolling in.. I notice on the last order placed by one of the customers that the shipping address was to one of the other guys filing chargebacks... and it was at this point i thought "oh my god"..

Paypal asks for the usual, tracking #'s and all that good stuff... Luckily I had signature required on most of the orders... So i sent all that info to paypal.. only to hear back from paypal saying the customers credit card company did not accept the info given and that they were giving the customer their money back... At this point i promptly emptied my paypal account... even though it was only a couple thousand dollars in the account.

Paypal gave these customers their money back for every order they placed. My paypal account right now is -$13,000 and their collections department is now calling me several times a day.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do? I have filed a police report for fraud and the state police have yet (4 months now)to tell me anything at all.



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