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Thread: Oh the horror!!
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From: Mocksville
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 Oh the horror!!
Sent: 02-06-2009 16:13

I am so pissed. I have 100% rating on ebay.Never had a problem with ebay or paypal until this little punk. Sold a brand new in box and plastic cell phone w/100.00 gift card for activation fees. He has it 2 weeks and just this week he starts sying there is a small pixel dot on the screen.Am I sure the phone is new..WTF! Then he had problems with navagiator.Emails me was a network issue not the phone. I check my email and he has filed a claim with paypal.Wants 100 bucks back.Says not as not new, old software,etc. I call him out and tell paypal no way. Now he is threatning to do a charge back for the full 357.00 with his credit card company even bedore payapl has made a decision! I won the phone in a sweepstakes. Luckily I kept all the info from the award people. Had the ARV of the phone and all on it.I sent paypal the info. Do I have a chance in hell of beating this little scammer???




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