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Thread: The perfect scam – Crime pays, 100% guaranteed, thanks to paypal
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 The perfect scam – Crime pays, 100% guaranteed, thanks to paypal
Sent: 02-04-2009 14:38

I’ve been the victim of the perfect scam, and I have to give it to the guy who defrauded me: He’s one smart guy, and his fraud is 100% safe, all thanks to Paypal.
Here is how it works. When you use Paypal to pay for an ebay item, you are promised something called “Buyer Protection” It sounds great, but there is one catch: If you buy something for $250, or less, the seller only needs to provide delivery confirmation, sounds safe? It isn’t. Delivery confirmation only tracks the zipcode a package is sent to, no details such as receiver’s name or address.
So this is how you pull off this ironclad scam
1. Sell an item for just under $250, say a $250 giftcard to a desirable location, such as Home Depot
2. After the buyer pays, look up a street near to the buyer using googlemaps, then ship a box to a nearby house some 10-20 blocks away, to make sure that the receiver doesn’t know the buyer. Include a bit of cash in the box, maybe $10 to make sure that the receiver happily keeps the package without any fuss.
3. Do NOT have any contact with the buyer, if you give him a tracking number and the buyer receives nothing he will be very suspicious when it says “delivered” and he still has received nothing, instead do nothing until the buyer files a claim
4. Once the buyer files a claim, dispute the claim by sending the Delivery Confirmaion tracking number to Paypal
5. When Paypal verifies the trackingnumber and sees that the package was delivered to the correct zipcode and city they will decide in favor of the seller, ALWAYS. I was a silver powerseller, and the guy who defrauded me was no longer a registered user, still Paypal decided in the seller’s favour!
6. The seller can now pocket the profits! The buyer will always lose the claim process, and if the seller repeats this fraud a bunch of times he can make thousands a month, per account! And since the seller always wins the process it is a very safe way to defraud buyers. Paypal won’t care if the buyer has sterling reputation, and the seller none, the seller always wins, and the buyer always loses any claims. This is the perfect crime. And I’ve been the victim of it. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to recover any funds.




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