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Thread: I never even signed up for a pay pal account....
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 I never even signed up for a pay pal account....
Sent: 01-18-2009 20:35

I recieved an email saying that I needed to log in and confirm my email account for the paypal account I recently signed up for, except I didnt. I went to the official site and entered my email address and said I had forgotten my password just to see if there really was an account that had been created, and there is one with a different mailing address and phone number so I couldnt even see it. I dont even know what kind of fraud one could possibly commit with just a paypal account set up with my email address theres no way they could have gotten any bank or personal info. Im just confused as to what some one could be planning or have already done, hopefully some one has a little more insite on this kind of situation than I do, I have never even bought anything online Im too paranoid about my information falling into the wrong hands. anyone help?




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