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Thread: Limited account questions.....
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 Limited account questions.....
Sent: 01-12-2009 17:17

I have been receiving phishing emails from obviously a fake account, I sadly opened them and read them....I NEVER put any of my information in....I forwarded all of my emails to paypals fraud email address. On new years day, I found out that my account was "Limited". Someone had apparently gotten into my account and they tried to charge $4200 mexican pesos, aka $320 US dollars. My password was not easy.......I talked to paypal, my account isn't limited anymore...

My question should be:
How did they get my login info.....Keylogger OR Paypal got hacked into...I was using my one week old computer, so I doubt a keylogger could do anything.
How much information could they have gotten? My address,bank info, SSID?????
Should I sign up for theft monitoring? I am more worried that they might have gotten my social number.....I was able to stop the money from ever getting out.........

Any comments to what I should do? I am considering taking my bank account off of paypal and linking a CREDIT CARD, so I can easily refuse payment.

Should I also reformat to rule out any keyloggers???......this is terrid...




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