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Thread: eBay and Paypal, the shafting duo
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 eBay and Paypal, the shafting duo
Sent: 01-04-2009 16:42

Am a casual buyer/seller on ebay so this is just me with my "insignificant" sums of money lost trough Paypal's and eBay's incompetence and idiocy. ONCE Paypal actually gave me a refund for an obvious fraud which I was stupid enough to fall for, but that was about it as far as actual help goes. Here are some ridiculous experiences:

1) Mobile phone from UK. A 300GBP phone that was "lost" by the postal office in my country. 30 minutes of going back and forth trough phone support like a pingpong ball trying to find out what idiot managed to "loose" a package in transit between the toll and the postal office, no concrete answer. Seller is dead quiet, no email response. I file a claim with paypal, they close it. I file a claim against that closed claim, they close it. I call them - they say postal office to blame (DUH!), I say seller refuses to respond to me asking to file a refund claim from HIS end, otherwise I get nothing. Paypal says not our problem, postal service says contact sender. THANK YOU PAYPAL! With your "buyer protection".
A month after that, I get a letter from my postal service. They ask if I approve the refund to the sender, who as mentioned refused to answer me. The least I could do, was to say NO and explain that the seller was a fraud.

2) I buy one thing, get another. Contact seller - very slow response. I file paypal claim - seller calls begging me to close claim so that a partial refund + return shipping costs may be sent. I do it. Get the item I ordered... only that this item is per seller's description half of what it should be. I call paypal, friendly phone support guy sais write to Luxembourg, yes that little country outside of any rational jurisdiction or law, and in writing explain your case. I explain: that claim was for completely wrong item, current issue is that the new item does NOT match specifications, and since now seller went completely silent and ignores me this is FRAUD. Paypal, saving money and paper, sends me a 100 word long email saying sorry we can't help. I sell item to get at least some money back. Not knowing what to do anymore, I leave the appropriate feedback to the seller.
Low and behold, seller whines to eBay, and they DELETE my feedback because " Comments referring to an eBay or PayPal investigation are not allowed.", so now the seller gets a clean record too.

Some things that got me really frustrated when using eBay: various items, even though fully legal, have been banned on ebay. Items available in one country are unavailable in the other, even though sold worldwide per auction definition. "local" ebay regulations that put on stupid restrictions like shipping fee limits, other country-sprecific regulations. Zero-time notice instant auction cancellations because of completely unimportant "violations". Put a link in your acution and OH NO MAJOR VIOLATION!

That is IT for me. After 150 purchases/sales on eBay with Paypal, I am seriously considering to cancel my account and just in case they think of charging me, getting a new CC and blocking the old one. But before that, a call to Luxembourg and a full relief of all of my thoughts about Paypal, expressed to the full extent of my english vocabulary.




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