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Thread: PLEASE HELP!!!

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Sent: 12-28-2008 22:19


First of all, PayPal DOES NOT go into your bank account for the simple fact you could always dispute the charges. So what you really did was expect those funds to hit the bank account and you wrote checks against the account. That is the ONLY WAY you could get bank charges. What really happned is that the buyer called their cc or bank and said it was fraud. So instantly the financial co took the money away from PayPal and then PayPal tried to stick you with their loss.

Didnt you think it was kind of strange that someone international wanted you to end an auction early and make wanted to send it via PayPal. Did you wait until the funds where physically in your bank account until you shipped the product? The answer to that is NO! Furthermore, it clearly states in the PayPal user agreement that you as the seller are not covered by shipments to unconfirmed addresses. International shipments arent confirmed. So therefore the liability of any losses is 100% your fault.

In order to prove the transaction is legit, you not no one else must prove you shipped the product to the confirmed address of the buyers account. And the only way is via tracking numbers. No other matter what you tell us.

Now if the funds where in your physical possession, then you got paid, and PayPal is out the money not you. PayPal is the one that charged the buyers account and they are the ones that are legally responsible for the fraud not you. They want you to pay for their losses, which you are not legally obligated to. PayPal will tell you anything including lying and threatening you, just as long as you pay for their loss.

PayPal and eBay were supposed to do the verification and security clearance from this buyer - they presented you the buyer and because of them you the victim of fraud, which again your not legally obligated to pay PayPal. If they made any types of withdraws from your bank account IMMEDIATELY go to your bank and initiate an ACH Unauthorized transaction against all the deductions PayPal took from your account. Your bank will take the funds away from PayPal and you'll get the charges including the insufficent funds credited back to your bank account. Once those funds are immediately back in your possession, close the account and get rid of the email address associated with your PayPal account. Basically disappear from PayPal and dont let them harrase you.

Every single piece of information you gave PayPal change immediately, because they will try to get a collection agency after you. If your in the US, and if your the victim of fraud, you are not legally oblgiated to pay anything. See our website for more detailed info.



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Sent: 12-24-2008 09:47

I recently listed my laptop computer on ebay in order to come up with enough money to upgrade to a newer system (I am taking a web design class and needed a laptop with different specs). Anyways, I was emailed by a potential buyer asking if I would ship the item internationally and if so how much. I got the information back to them but then was asked if I could end the auction early and they will pay me through Paypal. I had thought that Paypal was a secure way of making the transaction so I agreed. I sent an invoice through Paypal and was sent a payment later that day. I packed up my item and sent it out the following day. A day or two later, I noticed that my Paypal account was showing quite a few unauthorized transactions. I called the same day as the transactions and told them that I had not made them and to please clear it up. They said they were going to hold the funds and "investigate" the situation. They have since cleared all the transactions except for one for a little over a thousand. I have also since had money taken from my bank account, been charged two overdraft charges, and now have had the money that was sent to me for my laptop returned back to the buyer. When I called to to find out what was going on, they couldn't say why the money was returned but told me to send another invoice to the buyer and request the money back. I sold my laptop for $1,173.25 and will be out that money if the buyer decides not to pay. Also, the item has already been shipped and as far as I know it can not be stopped. When I saw that the money was in my Paypal account, I assumed the funds where mine and took them out to purchase my new laptop (the whole reason I sold the first one). I do not know what to do now. I do not have the money to cover the cost of the first one, plus lose the laptop as well. Is there anything I can do? Am I really screwed here? Please, Please help. If anyone has suggestions on how I can fight this, I would greatly appreciate it.




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