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Thread: Bogus $250 charge on my paypal debit card
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 Bogus $250 charge on my paypal debit card
Sent: 12-17-2008 22:17

Some time i experince the same problem..paypal always sucks to me



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 Bogus $250 charge on my paypal debit card
Sent: 12-05-2008 21:39


Get rid of the PayPal card and use CASH! Obviously you found this site and read everything about it, so why are you even using the card. Pay everything in cash so you dont have this problem. Your using cash out of your checking account which is what? CASH!


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From: miami
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 Bogus $250 charge on my paypal debit card
Sent: 12-02-2008 19:07

So I was using my Pay Pal debit card which is my primary way of paying for anything and it got declined for $15. Now, it's supposed to have backup funding to my checking account, and while I'm not exactly loaded, I do have $15. So I log in to pay pal to see what's up and see a charge from Walmart in Houston for $250. I thought at first that it might be since I live in Miami and so obviously haven't shopped in Houston. Ever. Turns out this is obviously an error. So I call pay pal and they tell me to call Walmart. Not exactly helpful. After calling back 3 times, I have them looking into it. I'll keep updating this thread with updates. Hopefully I get my money back because $250 is a lot to lose for some stupid error or possibly from someone somehow using my card # (i have the card so it wasn't lost/stolen)



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