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Thread: -$768 negative account balance after a scam! Please help!
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 -$768 negative account balance after a scam! Please help!
Sent: 01-11-2009 15:38

And again paypal wins as allways




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 -$768 negative account balance after a scam! Please help!
Sent: 10-14-2008 20:44


Avoid having your mom having bad credit history. Lets see, your under 18 years old. Your problem and someone else has to suffer for it. First off you should learn the value and respect for other's persons property and what could happen to them for your screwups. You screw up and someone else has to pay for your problems.

First thing we'd make you do is go to the bank and take out $768 and give it to your mother just incase it goes to her credit card. Your fault your responsibility plain and simple. We dont care about the cut and paste emails that PayPal sends you.

There are no scammers, just people who dont know how to run a business and take precautions to protect themselves. If the funds where still in your PayPal account then you would be out the money and the product, but you said you said a negative balance you had the money (which you should hand it over to your mother). So use the CORRECT TERMINALOGY, your not out anything PayPal is.

Did you use tracking for the item, did you ship it to a location that you could easily track.

LESSON #2 : when ever you process an electronic transaction, the burden of proof is on you the seller to prove the buyer has the merchandise and the only way that is is via tracking and only tracking. If you dont use it then its your own fault and you subject yourself to the risk of a chargeback, in this case its your mother because of you. If you cant prove via tracking that the buyer got the stuff then its all on you.

Right now do nothing, give your mother $768 dollars or the funds you got from PayPal and learn your lesson and use some common sense.



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 -$768 negative account balance after a scam! Please help!
Sent: 10-13-2008 09:04

Hello there.

So it's been a long time after someone scammed me over a deal and PayPal refused to listen. The scammer won the claim and I lost both my item and the money.
PayPal left me with a -$768 balance and has been sending me e-mails to resolve the balance, but I haven't. I thought it would be fine just letting it be that way because I meant it was unfair for me to pay back something that's actually mine.

Now recently the email changed to this:

"Your PayPal account has been negative for 60 days or more. To avoid further collection remedies, please add funds to your account and bring the balance to at least zero.

Your PayPal account may be limited or locked if you do not add funds to your account. You will not have access to your account if it is limited or locked.

To add funds to your account:
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click "Restore Your Balance".
3. Follow the instructions to transfer funds to your PayPal account in at least the amount of your negative balance.
You can add funds using a check or money order.

Make your check or money order payable to PayPal, and send it to:
PayPal P.O. Box 45950 Omaha, NE 68145-0950

Please include the email address associated with your PayPal account in the memo area and allow ten business days for the funds to be posted to your PayPal account.

If the outstanding balance is not resolved, additional collection remedies may be used to bring this account current."

So it's kinda stupid, my situation. It's my mothers card that's connected to the PayPal, and she's been letting me use it as long as I ask her first. Will anything happen with her credit card or something, a bad credit card history or something? I read around to see if I could get any answers, but didn't get it clear. If I resolve the balance, will it all be fine? I'd rather pay that price to avoid my mom having a 7 year bad history on her credit card, from something that I've(the scammer, actually) have caused.

Please help me with an answer ASAP.

Should I resolve/pay back, or is it fine by letting it be negative?
I live in Europe, btw. Any chance any collection parties will try to contact me?

Early thanks!




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