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Thread: can I screw over Paypal like this or will I regret it?
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 can I screw over Paypal like this or will I regret it?
Sent: 03-11-2009 04:31

doesn't sound like it will work to me for this reason...whichever credit card you choose to transfer the 'thousands' from will be charged. If you go over your credit limit, then the card will be declined. If you max it out, you will be charged for whatever amount you transferred. You may get the money in another paypal account, but you will then owe your credit card company.
I have figured out another way to shaft paypal...
Open a new paypal account and have a friend open one as well. You transfer him some money, let's say $100, for an ebay purchase. He gets the money in his paypal account, then withdraws it immediately to his bank account. When the transfer is complete have your friend remove his bank acct info. A couple of days later, file a chargeback on your friend for the $100, saying you never received the merchandise. It will take about 30 days, but they will find in your favor, so you will get $100. That will leave your friend with a - $100 in his paypal account, but they can never take anything from his bank account without his authorization. So you have just doubled your money (be sure to give your friend $20 for helping you out).



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 can I screw over Paypal like this or will I regret it?
Sent: 03-10-2009 10:28

My friend told me a way to screw over Paypal for thousands of dollars. Basically I open 2 fake paypal accounts with only my real name and cell phone number, open 2 bank accounts and hook it up to each Paypal account. Also hook up 2 credit cards to each paypal accounts. I change my billing address of credit cards and bank account to match the fake (not my address) address I set up Paypal accounts with. Then do the "send money" feature from the accounts back and forth. Eventually Paypal will increase my limit, that's when I send thousands from one account to another and then withdraw the money. When paypal try to get this money from the sending account's bank or credit card, either the bank account has no money or has already been closed. The credit card is also maxed out. So then I'll basically get a huge negative balance on my Paypal account but there is nothing they can do except harrass me with phone calls or emails. Eventually they'll stop and they won't damage my credit history and even if they try to, they don't have my SSN and the bank and credit cards won't release that info.

Of course that's what my friend told me. He even said he helped a few of his buddies do this and nothing has happened. He even screwed over Paypal for $9k years ago and nothing has happened to him. But obviously after he helps me do this, he'll want a commission.

My worry is that for such a big amount, Paypal or NCO might take me to court. By that time they can easily get my SSN from the banks and not only screw up my credit history, I'll also have a legal mess. Not to mention if I have to pay it back, I lose the money I gave my friend for his cut.

So overall I think it's a bad idea. What do you guys think? Thanks




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