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Thread: Paypal Asking for Bank Account Number When Logging In
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 Paypal Asking for Bank Account Number When Logging In
Sent: 01-14-2009 12:17


I've having problems with PayPal at the moment which I can't seem to solve.

Basically last week I noticed a charge on my account from a merchant I wasn't familiar with. So I was suspicious and thought I'd change my password (I also emailed Paypal about this- but that's another frustrating story). So when I went to change my password it asks me for my bank account number, which I filled in, numerous times to no avail. And the number is right. I tried different combinations, with dashes, a zero before suffix, etc. It kept saying missing info or numbers! Now it's locked me out of my account because it thinks I'm someone else trying to log in. Every time I log in now- it comes with a security page asking for bank account number! ARGH.

Any ideas how to bypass this? I'm worried about the safety of my bank account number. I actually called their call centre in Australia (there's no phone contact in NZ) to get my password changed, which happened - but still hasn't solved the main problem. I've emailed them and responses I've got are template answers which don't address the problem at all! Frustrating.

Any help would be appreciated





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