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Thread: Can I get sued or go to jail?

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 Can I get sued or go to jail?
Sent: 12-11-2008 18:00


Again dude, a receipt IS NOT proof of delivery. You have to prove you sent the package to the confirmed address which was provided by the payment service, NOTHING ELSE. There has to be tracking which shows the buyer got the package. You really thing T that you can go to the UPS store and mail out a package and use the receipt from the UPS store to prove you sent it. NO! ONLY AND ONLY TRACKING OR DELIVERY CONFIRMATION IS ACCEPTED!

Think whatever you want to think, but to everyone else out there you must have proof of delivery to the buyer's confirmed address and the only two ways are tracking and delivery confirmation. And signature confirmation is not tracking or proof of delivery either.


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 Can I get sued or go to jail?
Sent: 12-11-2008 10:15


Just my $0.02 but you will need proof that you mailed it. Take your receipt - scan it - make a copy - whatever... And call the powers to be.. see if they will take a copy of the receipt. But, Keep The Original! Never give that out! Besides sending a copy to ebay/paypal, etc... you will have a copy that is going to last... The average receipt, unless cared for, will fade Fast - as in 3 months or so and you wont be able to read it. What good would it do you then? Make a copy - make Several copies. keep the original receipt - faded or not and file it away. If they ever sue you - take that file to court. It should hold up in court. All of my packages shipped via USPS had the address sent to on it... that would prove you sent a package to them. You can go into more detail based on the average weight of the phone and your shipped package - which would back up what you claim... but this should not go that far.


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 Can I get sued or go to jail?
Sent: 12-10-2008 10:11

Alright, here's my story. I am a single mom with 3 kids. I signed up ebay/paypal about a year and a half ago. I've bought 20+ items on ebay and never had any issues. I signed up for a cell plan from AT&T a few months ago and got a blackberry curve. I decided I wanted an iphone about a week after I signed up with AT&T so I bought one and still had my blackberry. The blackberry was in almost new condition so I decided to see if I could make a few extra bucks selling it on ebay. I have never sold anything on this site before, just made purchases so please spare me the harsh words of i'm an idiot. This is all new to me. Anyways my phone sold for about $300. After I recieved the money through paypal I transferred it to my bank account and then shipped the phone via usps. I didn't think about getting tracking info because I got a reciept from mailing the package I believed that was proof enough. I guess I was wrong. About a week later the buyer claimed they never recieved the phone and ebay and paypal sided with them so now I owe paypal the $300.. I absolutely refuse to pay it because I know I mailed the phone, i'm not a scammer like the buyer is. So now my question is, if I refuse to pay can they try to sue me or can I go to jail for fraud because the buyer claims they never got the item? I'm worried cause the value was so high. I mean what is the worst they could do to me? My bank has blocked paypal from trying to take out funds so I know they can't that way, but can I go to jail over this? I'm scared because I did absolutely nothing wrong, just an honest person trying to make a few extra bucks and got ripped off. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that these companies don't give sellers any rights.



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