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Thread: Stolen credit cards go through paypal and they charge us.

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 Stolen credit cards go through paypal and they charge us.
Sent: 08-01-2008 23:48


Thats exactly what PayPal tries to do. They try to get you off the phone as fast as possible. The fact is you shipped a product internationally. You take the full responsibility of proving if the item was shipped out or not. Next time you should really think about shipping large priced items internationally. Because there's alot of scams. With PayPal anyone can say it was a stolen credit card, whether its true or not, 90% of the time is bs. The whole point is people will try to find ways of stealing merchandise. After 10 years PayPal and eBay are still under the dillusion that its the sellers who are selling stolen merchandise, oh its never the buyers.




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 Stolen credit cards go through paypal and they charge us.
Sent: 07-31-2008 23:12

If you send it to anything other than the confirmed address - and any request for sending to different addresses should make you nervous - then you are not covered by any of the seller protection schemes. And personally I'd never send anything to Russia.

Oh and Ebay owns a big chunk of Craigslist so you're still giving them money.



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 Stolen credit cards go through paypal and they charge us.
Sent: 07-31-2008 16:54

To Whom it May Concern,
I have decided to write this letter as a warning to all those individuals who currently or plan use E-bay or Paypal. I have been a loyal customer of both E-bay and Paypal for many years. I completed 43 transactions including both buying and selling on E-bay and have referred many people to Paypal. I had a lot of confidence in the pair as a company until last month. Early this year I sold a Macbook Pro to a customer over the internet. A buyer named Mary-MC bought my laptop for 1,121.20 USD. Her English wasn’t very good so her uncle was also in contact with me. She posted the money to my Paypal account totaling in 1,155.00. The buyer bought the item and wanted it shipped to an address in Russia. I wasn’t very comfortable with that so I called Paypal on the phone. I explained the situation to the telephone representative and I asked, “Is there anyway they can take this money from my account?” He responded “no.” I replied “So I am safe to send it?” He responded “yes”. The representative assured me the money was there and it couldn’t be taken from my account.
A few months later I sold something else on E-bay and was eager to release the funds to my bank account. When I logged on to Paypal I found that my account was -1,155.00. I rummaged through what I could find on Paypal and it indicated something called a chargeback. I called the company on the phone and the first representative told me the shipment didn’t arrive at the destination. I told them that after they paid for it they wanted it mailed to a different address. A second person got on the phone a few minutes later and told a different story that it was bought with a stolen credit card. I told them I thought I was protected from that through Paypal’s services. They responded by telling me I had to send it to the confirmed address. I inquired as to why the employee couldn’t inform me about the possibility of a charge back before I sent the package and they said sorry. So basically it boils down that someone used a fake id on e-bay and made a fake account on Paypal. The thief paid for my product with a stolen credit card and Paypal assured me the money was there(helping the thief). Now that Paypal is out 1,155.00 they sent me to collections and are willing to ruin my credit while I try to find a lawyer to take the case. I talked to everyone I could. I waited on hold for a VERY long time only to get people trying to get me off the phone in five minutes. I talked to the legal department and they will not even drop the ten dollar fee for someone using a stolen credit card to buy my computer. Paypal will not protect you. Recently I switched to Craigs list. I save on the E-bay listing fees and the final value fees. I also save on the money Paypal takes for using their “service”. I have made more money and it is cash. If you don’t believe me about Paypal check it out online this happens all the time.




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