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Thread: Buyer and Paypal scammed me out of $2450
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 Buyer and Paypal scammed me out of $2450
Sent: 11-08-2006 15:12


PPSP (paypal seller protection) is actually quite nice. It's not impossible to get protected and it saved me a couple of times.

You MUST make sure you are protected however.



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 Buyer and Paypal scammed me out of $2450
Sent: 11-07-2006 18:36

buyerscammedme, if this person claims having received bricks then somebody at Dhl and even had the courage to file a complaint through a formal law enforcement agency then somebody at DHL altered the contents, so you can request an investigation to DHL managers showing all proof available (anything that can evidence your paypal issues, buyer, etc). And file a claim against DHL through the BBB, and the Attorney Generals of your state and the state where the buyer leaves, you can find this information online (if i knew where you and this "buyer" live i would provide you the websites).

however if you have proof from emails that indicate she confirmed receiving her items then don't delete them! an email that actually exists is totally valid, you can use that evidence too and file complaints against Paypal through the BBB, and the attorney generals in CA and NE, you can find the links at the links section of this website. Print copies of those emails in which the buyer had originally confirmed receiving her products, it is important to keep in mind that once you file a complaint through the attorney generals you sign a statement in which you confirm that you are saying the truth and only the truth, so this has to add more credibility to whatever the emails you print which you think could be relevant.

I am not a lawyer, but my personal advise in case you file a complaint against paypal is that you drive all your evidence in order to demonstrate how inconsiounable were their actions against you, so unconsciounable that they tend to side by the buyer and leave honest sellers unprotected, paypal review employees are nothing else that just miserable employees with a very miserable life (they call themselves account review "specialists" but they have nothing of special, so just call them account reviewers), it is a public knowledge that these people were flipping burgers and perhaps even cleaning toilets before being hired by paypal, and this company puts them in charge of the security of people's money! So my friend that is my advise, try to find out if DHL had something to do, and even get a statement from them and from the deliverers, with the AGs you will be able to denounce this atrocity and save money on lawyers in case you can't afford one, Paypal has a lot of fear to AGs, they are real faggots when they know their actions are being investigated by AGs, so go ahead, keep fighting! and if possible let us know about your progress!!!!!




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 Buyer and Paypal scammed me out of $2450
Sent: 11-07-2006 09:10


I'm sorry that this happened to you and that you had to learn how easy it is for crooked eBayers to scam you with such a large transaction.

The honest truth is that once Paypal has decided and have given the money back, thats about it. They won't change their mind because by now, that money has been banked and the account emptied. Paypal would never recover the money from it.

You can try reporting it to the police as theft but it'd be difficult to prove - ater all, Paypal investigated and believed the buyer.



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 Buyer and Paypal scammed me out of $2450
Sent: 11-07-2006 08:56

This is a long story, so thank you in advance for reading it and offering me any advice.

In the middle of October I listed 15 Tickle Me Elmo's for sale on Ebay. The buyer won for $2450 including shipping. They paid right away using Paypal. I then emailed them and told them I had to buy boxes and would ship the next day. So I bought 3 boxes and packaged it all up and mailed out all 15 Elmo's.

I tried to transfer the money in paypal to my bank account and they said that this was a high value item (I had only sold things for less than $50 before) and they wanted me to fax them receipts for these items. So I faxed them my receipts from Walmart when I bought these items.

Anyway, the buyer emails me a few days later saying she got 2 boxes with 12 Elmo's but was missing the 3rd box. I called DHL and it was left behind at the sorting facility and they would deliver it first thing in the am. I emailed her this info and told her to email me when it arrived.

I am still waiting for Paypal to release my money as they do not show they received my fax, so I refax it 12 times!!!

I never hear from the the buyer again, so I track the box on Weds. and see the final box was delivered on Tuesday. I email her and tell her I am glad the 3rd box arrived and that I had more Elmo's if she needed more.

About an hour later, I receive an email from Ebay that my account was suspended for "abusing Ebay", I also receive an email from Paypal that the buyer claimed she got bricks in the boxes and no Elmo's! This is what the buyer said to PAYPAL:

I know that the seller is a fraud. They have been shut down by eBay's trust and safety department. I think it is best that paypal gets involved with this matter. I have talked to eBay about the matter which they had contacted me also about, to warn me about this seller I bought the items from. With that said I feel it is best that paypal gets involved.
On 10/24/06 I got an email message from eBay saying that the seller of the items I won from account was shut down by eBay's trust and safety. I got on 10/23/06 2 large boxes from this seller, 6 elmo's were suposed to be shipped in 2 boxes, and 3 elmos's in another box at least that is what the seller emailed to me shortly after the auction closed. Only 2 boxes arrived on 10/23/06 they came via DHL. When I opened the boxes that evening there we NO elmo's in the boxes, there were bricks wrapped in plastic with a bit of tissue wraping paper stuffed at the top of the box. On 10/24/06 the 3rd box arrived, with the same contents. I contacted eBay's trust and safety dept and they said I need to contact paypal right away since the seller was suspended. I want a full refund back, I can provide pictures if needed. I paid for 15 TMX elmo's and this was what I got. I would assume this to be why the seller has had their account shut down.

I NEVER told this buyer how many Elmo's were in each box, just that there were 3 boxes total! So she had to have opened them to know she got 12 Elmo's!

I was in shock! Why would this woman say that? I emailed Ebay to find out why I was suspended and also contacted Paypal as to see what to do. (remember, I was unable to transfer this money to my bank becuase they wanted the Walmart receipts, so the money is still sitting in paypal at this point).

Ebay reinstated my account right away, but I was never told why I was suspended. Never had a bad feedback...EVER!

Paypal tells me that the proof is on the buyer and they have requested the buyer file a police report and fax it to paypal in 10 days. Paypal tells me they need nothing from me at this point.

Well since it is so much money, I decided to print out all the emails from the buyer, including the one where she says she got 12 Elmo's and fax it to paypal. 28 pages in all. I call paypal EVERYDAY to see if they need anything from me, etc.

I call the Mesa Police Department EVERYDAY (where the buyer lives) to see if a police report was filed, so I can file one as well, I am always told NO. On Saturday I am told she tried to file one, but they referred her too So I went to this site and filed a report on her, I then faxed this to paypal.

Today, I wake up and check my email and see this :
We have completed our investigation of this case and have granted this claim. We attempted to process a refund to the buyer but found that your account had insufficient funds to cover the full amount of the refund. We were able to refund the buyer $2,345.16 USD, which was debited from your account. Access to your PayPal account has been limited. To restore full access to your account, please go to the Resolution Center and follow the steps outlined in Steps to Remove Limitations.

I called Paypal to see why the sided with her and was told that my emails as evidence (the ones with her saying she received the Elmo's) are not valid because emails are not accepted as evidence because they can be altered and that she filed with, so they take the claim seriously and blah, blah, blah. I was told I can appeal, but the decision is FINAL. I asked how a seller can be protected and she refused to answer me!

I am so upset, how could this woman STEAL from me? Who does that?

I just emailed her and pleaded with her if she will mail me $600 ($40 for each Elmo-what I paid at Walmart), I doubt she will, she got away with it!

Anyway, what can I do? I cannot just let this person steal from me! Would an attorney take this on contingency and take her to court, etc? I need help, I do not have money to fight this, but this person needs to pay.

I live in Denver, CO, she lives in Mesa, AZ.

Please give me some advice as I am SOOOOO upset about this.

I do believe in Karma, so she will get hers one day!





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